#MDFV2016 Blue Voyage

Last year I was invited onboard the Muhtesem A gulet to join Mediterranean Delights Fitness Voyage (MDFV) on their ‘Combination Voyage‘ travelling to Turkey and Greece.

I enjoyed my trip so much, that I decided to return as a paying guest. This time, my friend Amy and I selected the Blue Voyage, which is just around Turkey.

We departed from the UK on May 31st, travelling to Dalaman Airport and then getting a transfer to our hotel, the Alesta Yacht, in Fethiye, where we were to spend the night before joining the crew and the other guests the following day.

Alesta Yacht CocktailsAlesta Yacht Terrace







The following day, we met our Tour Director, Ali, at around 2pm, and he took us to the gulet along with the other guests.

Once on board, we all got acquainted and were shown our rooms.

Last year, Amy and I were expecting to share a twin cabin, so were surprised when we discovered that we had a twin cabin each.

This year, again we expected to share, so imagine our surprise when we discovered, yet again that we had our own rooms. Only this time, they were double ones!

Room 1












There was a real eclectic group of Turks, Brits, and Americans on board. I love how diverse  and different each trip with MDFV is.

I love how diverse and different each trip with MDFV is.

After we had checked out our rooms, Ali and Cindy did orientation and showed us where our week was going to take us.

Cindy and I decided to get in a quick fitness session before we headed off. I did a 20 min HIIT session whilst Cindy did her 50 Burpees challenge. With awesome views, we both smashed it!


We were then left to sunbath as we left the Marina and headed off to our first cove to spend the night.

Tomorrow, we hike!


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