#MDFV2016 Kayaköy Village Hike

Our first hike of this voyage was to a place called Kayaköy Village in Fethiye.

We started the morning with yoga, followed by a traditional Turkish breakfast of eggs, tomatoes, cucumber, bread, cheese, olives, honey, and jams.

Once breakfast was over we got ready to head out on the dingy to land and take a 45-minute drive to where we were going to hike.

#MDFV2016 Kayaköy Village Hike

About Kayaköy

Kayaköy is a village about 8km south of Fethiye. In ancient Greek is was known as Lebessos and Lebessus and later as Livissi In ancient times it was a city of Lycia, and later Anatolian Greeks lived there until approximately 1922. Often referred to as ‘The ghost town’, it is now preserved as a museum village and consists of hundreds of rundown but still mostly standing Greek-style houses and churches which cover a small mountainside.

 This hike was a gentle ease into the week. Although not particularly steep, in some parts it was fairly rocky and had to be careful of where we placed our feet as some of the rocks were loose.
It’s a little eerie walking through a town that hasn’t been occupied for over 90 years but overtly fascinating. To see how much (and in some cases badly) the buildings had deteriorated in a relatively short space of time.

But, the views from the top of the village were stunning!

#MDFV2016 Kayaköy Village Hike

To think that not long ago this was a bustling village with schools, churches, markets and people going about their daily lives.

Now it serves as a museum and is a historical monument. The 500 or so houses that remain in the village as ruins are under the protection of the Turkish government, including the two Greek Orthodox Churches, which remain the most important sites of the ghost town. One of the churches is currently undergoing renovation.


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