Mums Like Us by Laura Kemp

Mums Like Us by Laura Kemp – Book Club Read

Mums Like Us

I started following Laura on Twitter a while ago and often read her articles, which I find highly amusing as I chuckle to myself completely agreeing with her.

When I heard that she was writing a book – I got a little excited and really hoped that it would be as fun as her articles. Laura didn’t disappoint, and her debut Novel ‘Mums Like Us’ is just as comical.

Mums Like Us

Laura is just as funny in real life. I had the pleasure of meeting her at BritMums in June where she was one of a few authors talking in a workshop about writing a book. I even managed to get her to sign my copy!

Anyway, back to the book –


The Blurb

 Attention all lardies!

Are you sick to death of mumupmanship at the school gates?

Have you had your fill of Mother Superiors who lose their baby weight in six weeks while you’re still carrying yours years later

Well, look no further than Mums Like Us, a weekly group where you knackered mums can let rip about kids, husbands and work.

So join our rejection if perfection, and fight for ‘good enough’ parenting. And drink. And lots of cake.

Stella Smith

Mums Like Us Chairwoman

I loved the style of this book and the way it was written in an email newsletter format from both Stella and her husband Matt.

I felt that this book was something that I could really relate to from the get go. I sympathised with Stella’s character and felt charmed by her. Being a mum, I always feel under pressure for being “SuperMum”, for being able to do everything and remember everything – whilst still trying to look like I care about my appearance and that feeling of inadequacy if you don’t quite reach that.

Mums Like Us makes you feel like you are not alone. That it’s OK not to look glam on the school run, and that just doing your best is perfect enough.

I really wish that there was a real life “Mums Like Us” club – because I would definitely be a member!!

Recommended Read?

Yes! If you are a Mum, then you must read this book. I have a few friends who are currently pregnant and they will be getting a copy of this book.

The book is really witty and a total “laugh out loud” read. I found myself chuckling quite a lot throughout.#


Star Rating

5 Star Rating





Mums Like Us can be purchased online at in both Paperback and Kindle format.


*Disclaimer – This review is entirely of my own accord. I purchased “Mums Like Us” and really enjoyed it that I wanted to share.


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  1. September 9, 2013 / 7:59 pm

    Wow, your post could not have been better timed – I’ve had an awful day on the school run today and from the sounds of it this book is just what I need – thank you!