My Beautiful Baby Boy at 10 months

Baby Boy


Oh Baby Boy,

I know I say this every month, but I cannot believe how quickly the time is going.

You are now 10 months old!

In 2 months time you will be turning 1-year-old!

How did that happen?

Where has my new baby gone?

You’re looking more and more like a little boy every day.

Growing to become a Toddler.

Although, you don’t toddle yet.

You still have trouble sitting unaided, you are so close but you’re not as steady as you need to be.

You cannot crawl – yet!

You will push yourself round in circles when put on the floor (having wood flooring helps this immensly!).

You’re still not strong enough to stand on your feet – you still bend your knees and take one foot off the floor, or try to cross your legs.

We can see that you are trying so desperately to do things and want to be involved – but your development is a few months behind where it should be.

I worry a lot about you.

I worry that you are small and your development is slightly delayed.

I know people keep saying that you will catch up, that all babies develop at different rates, and they’re right.

But I’m your Mummy and I cannot help but worry.

We haven’t had you weighed for a while, but I can tell that you are growing.

We are just about to put you in to the next size up clothes. 3-6 months range – here we come!

You’re such a happy chappy now.

You love people and you’re learning to “chat”.

You especially love Toddler.

Your eyes light up and you start “dancing” whenever Toddler sings her song “Everybody’s Happy Now” to you.

“Everybody’s Happy Now” will stop you crying and make you laugh and smile straight away.

You are getting your own little personality and I love watching you shine.

You take everything in and I’m sure you’re biding your time and will do everything you need to do all at once!

I cannot wait to see what you do over the next month!

Until then, little man.

Love, Mummy xxx