My Beautiful Baby Boy at 11 months

To My Beautiful Baby Boy,

You are now 11 months old. Next month you turn One. It would have been a whole year since you entered the world.

I’m not looking forward to that day in all honesty. You are my baby. I want to keep you that way. I know you have to grow up, but I want to keep you small – just for a bit longer.

Speaking of small – you have had a little growth spurt, but still remain in 3-6 month clothes. You definitely look like you’ve gained weight though. Mummy will take you to get weighed soon.

You’re doing really well on Lactose Free formula.

You can now sit unaided – finally! You do it really well too. Now we just need to try and get you crawling! You’re half way there and rock on your knees.

Your cheeky persona comes out more and more every day and you are so desperately trying to talk, babbling away and calling everyone ‘Da-Da’.

You still enjoy mummy cuddles at night, although you are settling in your cot more and more. One day you’ll no longer need mummy during the night, I don’t want that day to arrive.

The past 11 months have been such a joy. Watching you grow and develop, as well as worry, but we wouldn’t change it for the world.

Next stop – your 1st Birthday! Eeek

Love you lots, jelly tot

Mummy x