My Beautiful Baby Boy at 9 months

Baby Boy 9 months

To my Beautiful Baby Boy,

I cannot believe 9 months have passed.

I cannot believe that it has been three quarters of a year.

I cannot believe that in 3 months time you will be celebrating your First Birthday!

Time is going so fast and I want it to slow down.

You are our last baby and I want to cherish you.

I want to remember all of your different stages.

You being a Newborn seems so distant now.

I just want to keep you as my little man.

A lot has changed the past month, since your 8 month update.

You have learned to roll and you are nearly there with sitting up.

You are still small and in 0-3 months clothes, but you’re getting there.

You now weigh 14lbs 1oz.

We had to move you on to formula following advise from your Consultant, to try and get your weight up.

Trying to get you to stop breastfeeding proved difficult and for 3 weeks you point blank refused to take a bottle.

I had to go “cold turkey” for a day to get you to take a bottle.

You now take it really well during the day, and Mummy feeds you at night time.

You certainly get the best of both worlds!

You have become so much happier since we have got your reflux sorted and had your Lactose Intolerance diagnosis.

It’s slightly troublesome as it means we have to be careful what we feed you, but thankfully you should grow out of it.

You love food and love to feed yourself.

You eat most things now, although Mummy still panics when you shove large bits in your mouth!

You are doing so well!

I love watching you grow and taking in everything around you!

I can’t wait to see how well you do in the next month!!

Love you lots, Jelly Tots,

Mummy xx