New Year New Me?

I have always struggled with my weight and the way I look. I’ve always felt ‘fat’ even when I was a 8st 15year old wearing a size 6-8 clothes. Obviously that is not big at all, and I remained that size until I met P (yep, he can take the blame!).

Me aged 15

Me aged 15

A year after we met I quit smoking and piled on 2stone in a year. I started going to the gym and hired a personal trainer to keep me motivated. I had managed to lose a stone and was down to a comfy size 10!! Then I fell pregnant!My first pregnancy saw a huge 4stone weight gain! After I had popped out my 7lb 5oz baby, I found that I had only lost 1st in weight. My weight has been a bit like a yo-yo since then and I have never managed to get past the 11st mark.

Me in 2006

Me in 2006






I feel that now Z is 4months old, will soon be weaning and decreasing his feed from me, that I can start the process of losing weight.

My goals aren’t excessive, and I know I will (probably) never get back in to a size 8! A 10 would be amazing, but I would be happy with a comfy 12 (for now).

I’m really laying myself on the line here and hoping that my writing all this down would give me the motivation to continue.


P and I at Christmas 2012

Me and P at Christmas 2012


So here are my goals:

10% Goal: 10st 7lbs (147lbs)
Overall Goal: 9st (126lbs)
TOTAL Target Weight Loss: 2st 10lb (38lbs)

And here are my stats:

Height: 5ft 4″
Weight: 11st 10lb (164lbs)
BMI: 28.2
Size: 14 (with a bit of a squeeze)

I aim to lose about 2lb per week.
Total weeks to reach 10% weight loss goal at 2lb per week = 19 weeks.

I’m planning to lose the weight by myself using control and sensible eating.

I have the Change 4Life recipe app on my iPhone, and will be keeping track with the My Fitness Pal app. I also have the ’30 Day Shred’ DVD to help with exercise.

I need to lose this weight & hopefully you lot can give me a shove if I start slacking!!


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