#NewMumFitness with Kimberly Wyatt & Instructor Live with Kiddicare

If you are an avid reader of this blog, then you should know by now that I am starting to take my fitness very seriously, and starting to realise that just because I am a mum, doesn’t mean that I have to stop taking care of myself. In fact, I need to make sure that I do take care of myself – for my family.

KW Kiddicare

I consider myself fairly lucky in the fact that I am able to have a gym membership and that Paul and I have a routine to make sure that both of us get to work out as much as we like. However, I know it’s not always easy to do that.

Kiddicare invited me along to an event to meet former Pussycat Doll and Celebrity Masterchef 2015 Winner, Kimberly Wyatt, along with a panel of experts to talk about New Mum Fitness.

About New Mum Fitness

Kiddicare has been a brand that I have worked with a bit over the years. They are a brand that I have used personally for over 10 years, and one that I have seen change over the years. They are very much a brand that want to provide the best information possible when it comes to all aspects of parenting.

Their most recent campaign is #NewMumFitness.

We all know how much pressure is put on new mums to squeeze back into those skinny jeans just hours after giving birth. How, instead of leaving hospital in oversized t-shirts, baggy tracky bottoms, messy hair and the dishevelled look, we’re meant to be all glammed up and fresh-faced.

It’s just not real, ladies!

We need to stop putting pressure on ourselves constantly, especially when it comes to our figures. We all recover from childbirth differently. Heck, I have recovered differently after each of the four children! But we all know that we should be waiting at least six weeks before doing any form of exercise.

And that is what this event was all about.

The Event

Easing back into exercise post childbirth is essential. There is no need to rush. Start with a light walk and gradually build yourself up.

We were taken through a quick routine with Kimberly. She showed us how, with the help of Instructor Live, you can exercise at any time during the day, for a small amount of time and still get results.

The routine that Kimberly and Glenn have devised for Instructor Live for New Mums is just 24 minutes long! That. Is. All.

The routine itself isn’t hard either. It’s actually quite fun to do, but, it will push you.

I am a regular gym goer. I aim to work out around 3-5 times a week, and I still felt the burn from this workout for a couple of days afterwards. It really does get you working all of the essential muscles and help you tone up and burn off that extra weight (with a balanced diet of course!).

It really doesn’t matter whether you are a new mum, or the kids have grown up a little. Working out is not only good for your body but good for the mind and soul. It will make you feel so much better about yourself – physically and emotionally. How can you not take schedule less than half an hour a day to spend on you?!?!

Q&A Panel.


(L-R) Luke Walker, co-founder of Instructor Live │Glenn Ball, Choreographer │Kimberly Wyatt on Mum On A Mission │Dan Cartner, Marketing executive at SportsShoes.com │Postnatal fitness instructor Margarita Bennett │Lynn Coates, Head of Commercial at Kiddicare │(not pictured) Mike, Marketing executive at Asics

After we were put through our paces, we had a short Q&A with an amazing panel of experts! We talked about everything from exercising when pregnant, exercising post-natally, to the best sports bra and shoes to wear,

Kimberly and Glenn’s workout routine is available on Instructor Live, which can be downloaded onto your tablet for you to follow. You can also read Kiddicare’s Q&A with Kimberly and why she started #MumOnAMission.


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