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I am a horrific nail-biter. I can’t remember exactly when I started biting my nails but know I was quite young, perhaps 3 or 4.

I have tried several things over the years to try to break this disgusting habit. I mean, who enjoys having horrid bitten nails? I certainly don’t. I don’t feel like my hands are feminine at all.

A few years ago I tried false nails. I have tried all sorts, from shop bought falsies, to professional acrylics and gels, and have never really got on with them. They’ve never stayed on for long, or I had them too long and they ended up just becoming such an inconvenience that I removed them.

DSC_1791 1

I recently visited Nice Nails Baby in Clapham Junction to have some nails put on. I was a little sceptical at first due to past experiences, but I shouldn’t have worried.

The girls there were so friendly and put me at ease. I had originally opted for an acrylic set of nails, but after examining my awful hands, it was decided that gels would be best.

At Nice Nails Baby, they do not use any drills. Everything is done efficiently and with care. I was really impressed with the level of precision taken in making sure that each nail matched in length.

As a contact lens wearer, and new to having nails, I opted for a short cut.


I was really happy with the short cut, and opted for a colour rather than a french manicure look. I just don’t think it looks right on false nails, plus its a bit dated now. Instead, I went with a colour called ‘Light My Sapphire’ by OPI. It’s a rather dark blue, almost black like.


I am so chuffed with my nails. They are by far the best set I have ever had, and I have to admit that I may keep them, and definitely be returning to Nice Nails Baby.


Disclaimer: I was invited to have my nails done as a thank you for taking part in Twitter chat event. This in no way affects my opinion. 



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