Night of Hope – World Vision and Halloween

I am not a fan of Halloween. I don’t like what it’s about and I don’t like the whole Trick or Treat thing.

I don’t know if it stems from never being allowed to Trick or Treat as a child or the fact that we constantly tell our children never to accept sweets from strangers, yet on this one night we encourage them to knock on doors of people we do not know and ask for candy in return?

You also then have the aspect of older children knocking on the doors demanding their treat. Children who shouldn’t really being doing such a thing (I’m talking teenagers here) – and then egging your house if they get turned away, or even if you do not answer the door.

So I was really pleased when this year I saw World Visions alternative to Halloween. They want to turn Halloween from a Night of Fear to a Night of Hope.

World Vision Night of Hope

Photo Credit: World Vision

Here is a little bit about it and how you can get involved:

The background:

Our children enjoy the frights of Halloween one night a year, but for many children around the world there are real things to be afraid of. World Vision is fighting child marriage, malnutrition, dirty water and more.  Join in the campaign to spread the word and help make the world safer for young people.

What are World Vision are asking & offering?

1.        Download the pumpkin guide PDF

2.        Carve a heart in a pumpkin and send them a  picture. If you’re a blogger, why not write a post about it and let them know so they can share it!

3.        World Vision will include all the pumpkin pictures in their Night of Hope gallery

4.        Everyone who downloads the Night of Hope pack gets entered in a competition to win a cookery class with Lesley Waters and a nights Free Accommodation worth £300!


Everyone who downloads the PDF receives:

·        Tips for safely carving a pumpkin

·        Exclusive pumpkin recipes from Lesley Waters for using leftovers

·        20% off a Lesley Waters cookery class

·        The story of Sylvia and her sister

·        The option to enter the prize draw for a cookery class


To download your  Night of Hope pack, more information and a video from Lesley Waters can be found here:


So how about it? Instead of carving scary faces in to your pumpkins this Halloween, why not carve a Heart instead and Turn a Night of Fear in to a Night of Hope!


*Disclaimer – I have not received anything for this post. I sponsor a child with World Vision and I support their cause. I genuinely do not like Halloween and love this alternative!