Not All Plain Sailing


We were really hoping that this pregnancy would be plain sailing and that we wouldn’t encounter any issues or hospital trips.

Unfortunately, hospital is where we ended up around 9:30pm last night.

We had a fairly busy day on Wednesday and I didn’t sleep particularly well. I put it down to over doing it and not being in my own bed. Thursday was also busy and I spent a lot of time on my feet.

Thursday night was another restless night. I was up a few times in the night for the toilet, as well as having back ache, Braxton Hicks and heartburn.

We spent Friday at home and I managed to grab a nap with A in the afternoon. I just wanted to sleep. I had very little energy for anything else and could hardly eat.

Friday night was another restless night. I finally dropped off around midnight only to wake at 2:30am for the toilet. I spent the next 3hrs experiencing back ache and quite intense Braxton Hicks and pressure in my pelvis. I was considering waking P up, but decided not to. The pains eased off and I finally managed to get an hours sleep before A woke up.

I felt better after showering but still had a dull backache. Then the Braxton Hicks hit again. They were quite intense and started becoming fairly frequently every 8-10minutes and lasting around 70-80seconds each.

I decided to have a bath to see if that would ease the pain and I was chatting with a few people on Twitter and Facebook who mentioned about getting checked out incase I was going in to early labour.

In all honesty, this freaked me out. It’s too early for him to come and I’m no way prepared to handle this!

I managed to get hold of my one of my sisters who agrees to come sit with the children and I gave the hospital a call. They told me to head in just to get checked out.

At the hospital I had to provide a urine sample, which came back with +2 of Leukocytes as well as traces of Protein. The midwife explained that they were going to send my urine off to the labs as I may have a Urinary Tract Infection, which would explain my pains.

I was popped on the monitor whilst waiting for the doctor and everything was ok with the baby. I was experiencing a few tightenings but they weren’t showing up much on the monitor, so thankfully they weren’t contractions.

The doctor examined my belly and back and it hurt when she pressed my kidney’s. She said that it seems I have a UTI developing and I will need antibiotics. She told me that my urine results would be sent to my GP, who should have the result on Monday and they can prescribe the correct form of antibiotics to fight the infection. I was allowed to go home.

I’m so glad that it’s something as simple and easily treatable as a UTI and that I wasn’t in premature labour.

Now let’s just hope the next 6 weeks are uneventful!!