Our CoombeMill break – Day 3

This morning we headed out on the feeding run again with Farmer Nick and the other families.

K was first to “drive” this time and really enjoyed it. All the children have been really good at taking it in turns to “drive”.

We took the same route as yesterday, but today we had an extra stop on the way to the rabbits as Farmer Nick had to out 2 piglets into the stock trailer. They had already been rounded up, so was just a case of getting them into the trailer.

Everybody hopped out of the trailer that Farmer Nick pulls with his tractor. I stayed in the trailer as A had fallen asleep on the feeding run, again! It must be all the fresh air that is making her so tired!!

It’s been a bit windy this morning, so we decided to head off to a superstore that I used to visit as a youngster. I would spend hours roaming the books and craft section whilst my parents and Nan wandered around the rest of the store.My Grandad would spend his time outside with my youngest sister and keep her occupied by putting her on the 20p machines outside. He would spend months saving up his 20p coins purely for that occasion.

We had some lunch, then took a wander around the store before heading back to the cottage to get ready for Trick or Treating around the participating accommodations.

Everyone who was participating was to leave a pumpkin outside. We managed to grab a pumpkin from town yesterday, but it was rather small compared to some of the pumpkins that had been put out!

At 5:30 everyone met at the Reception and Fiona led us all round the properties. We started off at our cottage. I had A with us, but as it had started to rain slightly I dropped her off with P.

As we made our way round the properties the rain was getting heavier and heavier. By the time we had finished and got back to our cottage we were soaked! The children enjoyed it though as they have never been trick or treating before. I normally just let them dress up at home and hand out the sweets to anyone who knocks on our door, so it was a real novelty to actually go trick or treating!



  1. November 9, 2011 / 10:54 pm

    Shame about the rain on the trick or treating, I think it was us parents it bothered the most, the children were preoccupied with sweetie gathering!
    I love the photo of A asleep on P's shoulder, she looks exhausted! (Cornish air)

  2. November 10, 2011 / 12:58 pm

    Oh yes, the children definately were more interested in the sweeties! 🙂