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Whilst at BritMums back in June, I visited the Parragon Books stand and chatted to them about their new blogger book review club, “Book Buddies”.

I love reading and I try to encourage the children to take it up, especially now the older 2 can read. Abigail loves to be read to, so I encourage the older 2 to read to her and Paul and I read to her when we can, whilst she sits there watching, taking it all in and reciting it back to them.

I loved the idea of joining the Parragon Book Club so I signed us up. I came away with two books for the kids to review – and a scrummy cupcake for me to eat.

Parragon Book Club

Things you never knew about Dinosaurs by Giles Paley-Phillips



“On every street in every town, maybe next door to you, dinosaurs are doing things you won’t believe are true…

Like roller skating … dancing the Highland fling … starring in the movies … and sailing the seven seas!

But what do dinosaurs love to do MOST?

A delicious dinosaur romp, full of surprises!”

Our Opinion

The kids really enjoyed this book. More so Jake and Abigail rather than Kyla. Being 8, the book was too young for Jake, so he tends to read it to Abigail instead.

The text is fun and clear and with its rhyming it makes the story really fun and jolly to read. The illustration by Liz Pichon is amazing! The dinosaurs are so colourful and detailed and very beautifully drawn.

The book is also hardback which I find is a lot better with young children as they get a lot of wear and tear and paperbacks end up getting a bit tatty.

Things You Never Knew About Dinosaurs is £5.99 and available from all major retailers. It would be a great addition to any child’s book shelf.


Elephant’s Birthday Bells by Carrie and David Grant



“Jump up, join in and read along with Carrie and David as they teach you to enjoy and feel confident about music. Stars of children’s TV shows and vocal coaches to Take That, The Saturdays and the Spice Girls, Carrie and David are also ambassadors for Sing Up, which develops singing in schools.

Elephant is far too loud for the family band and everyone’s fed up … until a very special birthday present helps her find her gentle jingle-jangle!”

Our Opinion

The girls love this book and I often find Kyla reading it to Abigail.

The book itself focuses on loud and soft and that sometimes it is better to be quiet and soft rather than loud and heavy.

The text is really clear in this bright and colourful book, and the text changes when words need to emphasised or toned down. The illustration is by Ailie Busby and is really fun and bright and eye-catching for any child. It really invites you in and is a great part of the book.

I thought that this book, at 32 pages long was rather big for a children’s book – until I realised that at the back of the book there are several pages that go with the accompanying 7 track CD with book, which includes the Theme tune, a narration of the story, a sing-along song track and a Karaoke track.

Kyla’s reading is coming along really well now, and she will often sit and read the book to Toddler – or they will put the CD in and dance around the room to it.

Elephants Birthday Bells is a fab book for any pre-schooler / early years child and costs £6.99 from major retailers – which considering how much you are getting in one book, is rather good value for money.


*Disclaimer – we were given the books from Parragon at BritMums Live 2013, for free. However, this does  not affect our opinion.