Playstation Playfest

Sony open their doors for Playstation Playfest 2013


It’s not often that I get to spend much time with Capt. Chaos. He prefers to be alone, do his own thing or play tennis, so when I was invited to attend Sony Playstations Playfest , I knew straight away that it would be good for just the 2 of us to go.

Capt. Chaos is just starting to get more in to games. He doesn’t have any luxury game consoles or anything, as they are a lot of money and as he is only just getting in to them and we need to make sure he will use it before forking out for a console.

On the day of the event we got up early and as it was nice we walked the mile to the train station to get the train to London. It was a straightforward journey and we found Playstation HQ fairly easily.

Capt. Chaos was excited and was getting a little antsy in the waiting area. He just wanted to get in and have a look around!

Playstation Playfest


Walking in to the event you could see all the children’s faces just light up! There was so much to do and Capt. Chaos wasn’t quite sure where to start first.

Everything was in one big room and as there were guards on Reception, I decided I could just let Capt. Chaos go off and I’d follow behind.

He made a B-line straight for the new Invizimals game on the PS Vita. He really enjoyed this game and we played it on both the PS Vita and the PS3 – and yes, I played the games too! Playstation Playfest

We found the Sports Champion 2 game, and being a fan of Tennis, Capt.Chaos had to have a go. However, I discovered he’s a bit of a sore loser and didn’t want to play with me anymore as I was winning.


As well as the new PS 4, there were plenty of other games to see (for the PS3, 4 and PS Vita), including Wonderbooks which are great for younger kids as they’re interactive and tell a story at the same time. There was also Smurfs 2, Little Big Planet, Fifa13, Gran Turismo 6, Tearaway, Pupeeter.

There was a huge dance floor for the Dance Star Party Hits game. It was great watching everyone have a go. Unfortunately, I lost my coordination after having children so I didn’t have a go out of fear of making myself look like a fool. Capt. Chaos refused when asked if he’d like a go because “you don’t have Depeche Mode” (yes, he’s only 7!). However, the girls would love this and it would definitely be a hit for all the family!

We had a super fun day out, trying the new games – all due to be released October/November time.

Thank you for inviting us! Capt.Chaos is now hoping for a PS Vita for his 8th Birthday so we can get the InviZimals game…..I best get saving 🙂




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*Disclaimer – we were invited to this event. We were not asked to write this review, but really enjoyed ourselves.