Porridge on Tuesday

Porridge on Tuesday? – Well considering I don’t like Porridge and its not actually Tuesday today, this is a bit weird, No?

Actually, Porridge on Tuesday is the name of a new diet plan that I am currently doing. Don’t worry, you don’t actually eat Porridge on Tuesdays, unless you want to of course, but it’s a clever name isn’t it? It’s one that you’ll remember for being quirky and you’re bound to be asked “what’s that all about then?”.

Well, what is it then?

Porridge on Tuesday is a new diet, but not one of these fad diets like a lot of them out there, and there is no calorie counting either! Porridge on Tuesday is all about losing weight and then maintaining it by eating healthy, filling meals. It’s all about breaking that bad habit of a lifetime and taking charge.


When you sign up to Porridge on Tuesday you take a little questionnaire which then generates the correct plan for you.


Does it work?

I’ve been a yo-yo dieter for as the last 10 years. I have always had issues with my weight and seen myself as being fat. When I was 18, I met my now husband and quit smoking (he’s very anti-smoking!). I gained 2st in a year going from just 8st to 10st. I spent the best part of a year going to the gym, taking classes and even had a personal trainer. I managed to lost a stone before falling pregnant with our first baby. Cue the 4st weight gain taking me up to 13st, and only 7lb5 of that was a beautiful baby boy! Again, I managed to lose around a stone of that weight before falling pregnant again, and gaining the stone back. I seem to be continuously stuck around the 11-12st mark constantly, despite only gaining 12lbs in my pregnancy with Toddler and I didn’t gain anything with Baby.


I am now in to my 3rd week with Porridge on Tuesday. I was 11st 10lbs when I started. I now weigh 11st 6lbs. I am losing approx 2lbs a week which is the best way to do it. I am also excerising more regularly and am more conscious when out of my food options.


The first few weeks are hard and I admit, I did fall off the wagon a few times, but that’s what is good about this “diet”. It’s that it’s not really a diet, it’s a lifestyle change, so if you fall off the wagon and have that naughty little something, it’s not the end of the world. Just start again and your next meal or the next day.

The other thing I like about Porridge on Tuesday is that the meals are varied. You can pick what foods you like and don’t like and your price bracket. The meals are so good that you can cook them for all the family. I don’t cook seperate meals for the children and they are quite happy to eat the meals!!


I’ll be keeping you updated on my progress. I have 2st 6lbs to go before I get to my goal weight of 9stone, so a long way off yet, but I’m determined to get there this time!!

If you’d like to follow my journey and other bloggers who are doing the Porridge on Tuesday Challenge – just follow the #POTUESBLOGGER on Twitter.