Potty Training

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Now, I’m not a parenting expert” and I’m not qualified in anything child related, but I am a Mama and have tackled potty training three times.

My first experience with potty training wasn’t that great. I was under pressure to potty train a (nearly) 3-year-old who at that time had undiagnosed special needs.

The second potty training experience was easier. It was still “we’re starting potty training and that’s that”, but she did it.

I also learnt girls pick things up quicker than boys!

My third experience has got to be the best experience – probably because it wasn’t my choice to potty train.

Having potty trained two before, I realised that forcing a child to do something they are not quite ready for is difficult. It causes stress for you and upset for them. I decided when we had Toddler that we wouldn’t force potty training and we would go with the flow. If she was 3 and still in nappies, so be it.

However, that wasn’t the case.

The day I came home with Baby, Toddler at a day off 23 months decided she wanted to start using the potty.

Because she was ready, practically straight away she was dry when at home.

I still put a nappy on for nap times and bedtime to prevent any accidents. We also put nappies on when we ventured out. If I’m honest, it was probably more for my sanity as I couldn’t deal with a newborn and a Toddler needing the toilet every 5 minutes.

Within a few weeks she was napping without a nappy, then followed the no accidents whilst out. This was when we knew we had really cracked the potty training.

Nappies still remained at night times. To start with they would go on before she got settled to sleep, then we would allow her to fall asleep first and put a nappy on when we went to bed.

Until the other night when we forgot. Yet, no accidents happened and Toddler was dry. Thinking perhaps it was a fluke, we tried again. Again, no accident at night and she even got up during the night to use the toilet.

At 34 months old, Toddler has cracked being dry day and night. And a lot earlier than her elder brother and sister, both of whom were not even dry during the day at this age.

I truly believe that it’s because we have let her go at her own pace. Obviously it probably helps having older siblings, but ultimately, a child will learn at their own pace and do things when they are ready.

I will be approaching the same method with baby.

How did you potty train?


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  1. August 10, 2013 / 6:39 pm

    We’ve not started properly yet, and N’s really not ready at 2 1/2. He used to quite happily sit on the potty before a bath and wee on it, but now refuses to even sit on it. He’ll sit on the toilet sometimes, but won’t do anything in it (I think largely because he’s already wee’d before getting the nappy off).

    He says that he ‘wees and poos in toilet;, so knows what they’re there for, but hasn’t really grasped the knowing when he’s going to go. I’m hoping he’ll all of a sudden do it himself but neither I or nursery are noticing he’s ready yet.

    He does have a reward chart and stickers (for staying in bed & not climbing out, as well as if he wees or poos on the potty), but he’s not really grasped the concept that getting so many stickers means rewards!