Resolutions or Life Change?


The New Year nearly always brings with it people making resolutions. Resolutions that almost always tend to be broken before January has even ended.

Lets be honest, we all have our vices, and things that we wished to stop doing (or at least cut down on) – smoking, drinking alcohol, too much coffee or chocolate. Have you ever considered how much those vices are costing you? How much could you actually save if you decided to cut them out. What could you put that saved money towards? New clothes, doing up the house, a nice holiday perhaps?

Thomas Cook have a really handy New Years Resolution Calculator, where you can input the amount you spend per vice and it will calculate how much you will save in a year.

For example – I enjoy a chocolate bar… or two…. or three a week. If I cut out those 3 chocolate bars, in 3 months I would have saved £22, increasing to £43 after 6 months and a whopping £86 after a year! £86 on chocolate! Madness!

We also enjoy a takeaway in this family and have one a week (sometimes 2 if we are feeling extremely naughty and lazy). I was shocked to find that if we cut out just that one extra takeaway, we could save nearly £250 a year! That is a lot of money on takeaway food isn’t it!

When you buy the odd chocolate bar here, the odd drink there, you don’t really think about how much your spending, but it all adds up over the year.

This year I am not making resolutions. I’m not sure if it’s the word resolution, but there’s something about it. Something that makes it sound like a chore, something that we all think we have to do. Instead, I want to do a life change. Especially with money being tight, cutting down – or even back completely – on the little vices that we have, can mean a big saving financially.

So, how about it? How about checking out the calculator, how much can cutting back on your vice save you? Why not put that money in a pot every time you want to have that glass of wine, or a take out. Watch the money mount up. Put it towards a family holiday, a short break away, improvements on the house etc.

What do you say? Let’s not make Resolutions this year. Let’s make a Life Change!


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