Review: Anywayup Cup


I got so excited when this cup came through my letterbox. Trying to find the right cup is hard, and especially one that doesn’t leak all over the place. A is at the stage now where she wants to be a big girl, but is still too young to understand how to use a proper cup without a lid. This is where this cup was a godsend!

It has handles like a beaker, but the top of it is like an actual cup, although it has a protective layer that means that little one’s can get juice, but it doesn’t actually spill everywhere. I actually tried this cup and it’s really easy to get juice out of, not like other cups where you must have a forceful suck to try to get a drop of juice.

It took a few minutes for A to figure out how to use it, but once she got the hang of it quickly became a favourite and she now favours this cup over any other.

The anywwayup cup is perfect for teaching toddlers to use a proper cup.


To find out more about the anywayup cup visit their brand new website, being launched TODAY! (August 1st 2012) at

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*Disclaimer – I did receive this cup FOC, but was under no obligation to review this product on The review is of my own accord as I feel this is a great product and helpful to my readers.


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