Review: Britax KIDFIX II XP SICT Car Seat

We have recently been reviewing the KIDFIX II XP SICT car seat as part of our Britax Mumbassadorship.

So, what is this car seat?

The KIDFIX II XP SICT is a high back booster seat that goes beyond legal safety standards.The XP-PAD offers unique frontal impact protection for older children. The SecureGuard (patent pending) ensures optimal lap belt positioning. And the superior side impact protection leaves space for other passengers to travel in comfort. This highly flexible seat offers the highest levels of safety from 4 to 12 years.

As with all Britax products, there are many features; such as:

  • Reduced frontal impact – XP-PAD which diverts up to 30%* of energy forces away from the neck.
  • Optimal lap belt positioning with their latest technology, SecureGuard.
  • Superior side impact protection which has deep softly padded side wings and SICT technology which is adjustable to use only on the side closest to the door.
  • ISOFIT or seat belt options which allow installation to suit any car.
  • V-Shaped backrest to work with the shape of a growing child, allowing for a perfect fit.
  • Height adjustable headrest and upper belt guide.
  • Ergonomically designed headrest for the ultimate sleeping position.
  • Intuitively positioned seat belt guides to limit misuse of the seat.
  • Removable, padded cover for practicality.

The KIDFIX II XP SICT is a Group 2/3 car seat and suitable for children from 15kg – 36kg (approx 4-12yrs).

Our Thoughts

With Zachary not quite being 4 yet, we decided to test this car seat out on Abigail, who is 5.

It was very quick and easy to fit in using the Isofix. We have a Ford S-Max and all I had to do was use the provided Isofix aligners and slide the seat in position. It took a few minutes.

I checked online to see where we could put this seat within the car and opted for it to go in the centre, taking the place of the Britax DUALFIX which Zachary has just come out of.


I love how versatile and grown-up looking this car seat is. As parents, we all want our children to be safe, but obviously, their main concern is that they are going to look ‘babyish’ in a car seat. With this one, there is no need for that.

I also love how much effort Britax put into their car seats to not only make them so safe, but they are comfortable too – because the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable on a long journey.

The KIDFIX II XP SICT certainly gets a big thumbs up from us!



The Britax KIDFIX II XP SICT is exclusive to Mothercare and available in black marble, cosmos black, flame red, ocean blue, mineral purple and green marble. 

*Source: Britax Tests 2013