Review: BRITAX King II ATS Car seat

As part of the Mumbassador team, I recently reviewed the new Britax King II ATS car seat for Zachary.

I must admit, that I hesitated slightly when I was asked to review this item, but purely because I am still so in love with my Britax DUALFIX, and I wasn’t sure how this car seat was going to compare – but we decided to try it out.

We decided that this seat would be used in Paul’s car, and I would keep the DUALFIX in my car.

About King II ATS

The ground-breaking KING II ATS actively watches over your child throughout their journey. It checks correct harness tensioning as you leave. It adjusts as you go, dynamically retracting the harness to keep tension just right. And it monitors throughout, alerting you of any issue. Which means you can keep your eyes on the road ahead.

Review Britax King II ATS 2

What we thought

The initial look of the King II ATS is the classic Britax-style with a modern twist.

It is a GROUP 1 car seat, so suitable for children aged 9 months – 4 years | 9 kg – 18 kg.

This car seat doesn’t have Isofix, like most, but that’s not an issue. Gone are the days where you have to fiddle around trying to thread seatbelts through holes you can’t see. The tilting seat and patented seat belt tensioning system make is easy to install.

Review Britax King II ATS fitting

The King II ATS is also simple to adjust with its height adjustable headrest and harness with easy single-handed adjustment. It also comes with optimum protection with performance chest pads, padded side wings and a multi-recline position.

The quick remove cover is very practical, and can be taken off without having to remove the harness, which makes it a lot easier when in need of washing. The harness retainers and buckle remain in a forward position, which is good for easy access.

My most favourite feature on the King II ATS car seat has to be the active tensioning system which tells you with light and sound when you have harnessed your child to the correct tension. The harness indicator alerts you to any change in tension during a journey.

Review Britax King II ATS fitted

The way this works is that that when the seat detects weight (i.e. weight of a child) then the light will go red. The light will then stay red until the harness is fully tightened.

If you are not getting a red light, you need to carry on pulling the adjuster strap as you may have the harness tight enough. The green light will only activate when all the tension is taken up because this activates the ATS system ready for the journey.

You need to pull the harness tight and even when you think it is tight enough if you pull the strap again then you will feel some tension. The straps won’t necessarily get tighter around your child it will just remove any slack and charge the ATS system. The result being the green light.

I sometimes struggle to pull the harness tight, as does Paul, so you really do have to yank it – but I guess that is what makes this car seat super safe.

At the moment, this is only available in the classic Black Thunder and retails at a pretty reasonable £180.00.

Overall, we are pretty chuffed with this car seat. No, it doesn’t have Isofix, but that really isn’t such a major issue. I love how easy it is to install, and having had children in the past who have done a Houdini on me and managed to unbuckle their harness, having an indicator to alert me when driving is a great safety feature.

We would definitely recommend this car seat if you are looking to upgrade.


*Disclaimer – we were sent a Britax KING II ATS in return for this review. Opinions are my own and are no way influenced. 


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  1. September 15, 2015 / 3:12 pm

    It looks really good, very sturdy and safe and exactly what you want it to be when you’re going to a Group 1. We’re just moving up to Group 2 too and choice is immense!