Review: Disney Shake It Up “I <3 Dance" CD


K loves music, dancing and Disney programmes so she was excited to get the opportunity to review the album “I <3 Dance" from the Disney Channel Show "Shake It Up". "Shake It Up" is a show we have not long discovered but K loves anything musical and to be honest, you don't even have to have heard of the show to enjoy the CD. The music on the CD is very upbeat with fun, catchy lyrics. Exactly what you would expect with any Disney music. I was playing the CD to the girls whilst I got on with some work and found my foot tapping along. It's definitely a great CD for kids to get dancing around to and a great edition to your CD Collection. For those who want to know a little more about 'Shake it Up', here is the sypnosis of the show:

About Shake It Up…

Best friends CeCe Jones (Bella Thorne) and Rocky Blue (Zendaya) have dreamed about becoming professional dancers ever since they were little girls. Their big break finally comes when the girls get jobs as dancers on a local TV dance show called “Shake It Up, Chicago.” Now, in the third season, Rocky and CeCe must re-audition for their spots on the show and balance their dance lives with
school, boys, and family. Through it all, these two best friends always stick together.

Also, here is a little sample of the CD for you:

Disney Shake it Up: I <3 Dance is available now from Amazon

*Disclaimer: We were sent the Disney Shake It Up: I <3 Dance CD to review. However, this did not effect our review and the opinion is entirely of our own.