Review: GeoMag Police



Boys love building things, and they love police cars and helicopters, so the new Geomag Police range is perfect for them.

Geomag is an ingenious construction set with magnetic rods, chrome spheres and geometric panels.

The sets can be rebuilt over and over and the Police Helicopter even attaches to the Police car for double the action.

You can buy the Geomag Police Car (SRP £9.99) and the Police Helicopter set (SRP £8.99) separately, or you can combine both vehicles in the Police Chase Twin Pack for £16.99 SRP.

There is also a bigger Police Truck available which is only available as part of the Police Triple Pack (SRP £24.99) which also includes the Police Car and the Helicopter.


The thing I loved about this product is its concept. I love the idea of the magnetic rods, that it can be built and rebuilt and J loved the fact that it was Police. The rods and wheels themselves are fairly heavy but I was a bit disappointed with the panels and how thin they were. When the wheels were attached the models felt really flimsy like they were going to fall apart. The instructions were also very difficult to read as they were just the outlines of the panels. The sets would be slightly out of my price range, but I would possibly consider buying the smaller individual sets as birthday gifts. However, J really enjoyed spending the time building the set and zooming them around. He loved that the wheels connected by magnets and the fact that you can connect the Helicopter to the Police car.

The Geomag Police Set (and other ranges) are available from Smyths Toys



*Disclaimer – We were sent the Police Triple Pack for this Review. However, this did in no way influence my review on the item.



  1. August 10, 2012 / 2:50 pm

    Hopefully The company will pick up on this and incorprate such feedback into their deigns for the future. As it looks a really fun toys that panders to boys interests.

    November 10, 2012 / 3:54 am

    Read and heed, those warning labels. Don’t be tempted to buy a toy that’s labeled for an older child, no matter how cute it is.