Review: Micro Chargers

What boy doesn’t love cars? Having a 7-year-old boy we have a HUGE box full of cars, and I can only believe that these will increase over the next few years when little man joins us.

“Taking pole position this Autumn, Micro Chargers race at lightning speed at the extraordinarily micro scale of 1:175. With innovative micro technology, these tiny vehicles can race at scale speeds of over 600mph….incredible! Charge them up in seconds, hit the tracks and get racing!


The Loop Track Set (SRP £19.99) mixes the thrills of a drag race with the spills of a loop the loop, can you win the stunt challenge? 










In the Jump Track set (£24.99), racers try to make the jump as they speed round the track. After a number of laps, flip the trap and the first past the post zooms in to the winner’s enclosure for a celebratory burn-out!









     Load four cars into the Time Track playset’s (£34.99) unique 4-car charger, set the timer, then launch them for exciting racing action over bridges and hairpins turns! 

All the tracks are inter-connectable, so additional cars and launcher packs can be added and the ultimate track be created!”


Micro Chargers are tiny cars that charge up in a hand-held device. They can race for up to 30 seconds with just 5 seconds charge in them, and boy do they zip along!!

The only downside we found is that you only get one Micro Charger Launcher. It would be nice if 2 chargers were included, so you didn’t have to take it in turns to charge the cars, but to be honest, this isn’t such a big deal as they do take seconds to charge. You can also purchase extra Micro Charger Launchers separately.

The Micro Chargers Jump Track set includes 1 x Jump Race Track, 2 x EXCLUSIVE Quick Charge Micro Car, 1 x Hand Held Charger, 1 x Trading Card, Assortment of 3, Requires 2 x AAA batteries, not included.

The various tracks that you can purchase all interconnect, so you can make one great ultimate track, and with 36 cars to collect you can have HOURS of fun with this!!

I can definitely see these appearing on plenty of little boys’ Christmas lists this year!!





 *Disclaimer – We received the Micro Chargers Jump Track Set in return for this review. However, this does not reflect our review on this item and our opinion is our own.