Review: My Friend Cayla Interactive Doll

my friend cayla

Dolls are a big favourite in our house, so Abigail was super excited when she received the My Friend Cayla Interactive doll recently.

My Friend Cayla is a doll with a difference and she is set to become your child’s best friend.  She can understand almost anything you say by using speech-to-text technology. You download the free app to an Android or IOS smart device and connect to Cayla via Bluetooth Wireless Technology. You get to know Cayla, ask her questions – her name, favourite foods, music, hobbies and much more. Cayla will answer you and you can tell her about yourself too, and she will remember! She will also play games with you, read you a story and talk about the pictures in her photo album using your tablet or smart phone.

What I love about Cayla is that she’s not your typical doll. She has no makeup and her style is that of a child, with her leggings, t-shirt, skirt, denim jacket and sneakers. I much prefer this style of a doll for young girls as opposed to the scantily clad dolls. At 18 inches tall she is slightly bigger than most dolls. She also comes with a mirror and a hairbrush so you can brush her long locks.

my friend cayla

Abigail took an instant like to Cayla and was so excited when she discovered that she could talk to her and Cayla would respond. I find the voice a little strange as it’s very automated – although I guess it has to be to be able to respond? Cayla also sometimes struggle to understand what you are saying if you are not clear enough. Abigail is four, but her speech often isn’t overly clear and she pronounces her Ks as Ts, so this can cause a few issues. I would imagine it would work better for an older child whose speech is a lot clearer.

The app is quite large at 191MB, so you need to make sure that you have space available on the device you are downloading it on to. It was fairly simple to connect to Cayla and it’s easy to navigate around and use. There is also a ‘bad word’ list which not only has pre-defined words, but which you can add too.

my friend cayla

I can see Cayla appearing on a lot of Christmas lists this year. She is a fun, fully interactive doll. I think it is a little on the expensive side, and was slightly annoyed that the required 3AA batteries that are required are not included! Other than that, and the over-automated voice, I was quite impressed with Cayla, and Abigail is totally smitten!

My Friend Cayla is suitable for children aged 4+ and retails at £59.99 and can be brought from most major retailers, including