Review: Trash Pack Scum Drum Playset


Dirt. Grime. Muck. They all scream ‘boy’ at me. Perhaps this is why J loved the Trash Pack Scum Drum playset.

“The Trash Pack launched in January and already over 1 million have been collected. Now with a new series approaching, nauseous neon green changes to yucky luminous orange and the grossest gang in the garbage are back with some new additions to the pack!

There’s over 100 new Trashies joining the gang, including Slime Bucket, Gutter Grub and Mouldy Mushroom!

But for Christmas, some major new Trash Pack playsets will add to the fun!

The grossest members of the gang hang out in the Scum Drum. With the Scum Drum playset (SRP £24.99) you can launch Trashies into the ooze pit! Gross!

Any troublesome Trashies can be swept up with the Street Sweeper (SRP £19.99). This ultimate Trash Pack accessory will suck up the Trashies into bins and then eject them to send them flying into the rubbish dump!”

The Scum Drum Playset consists of 1 x Scum Drum and 4 x Trashies (2 Exclusive and 2 Ultra Rare), as well as an instruction guide.

The object of the game is to put your Trashies on the launch pad and flip them in to the scum drum, or aim them at the targets to try to release the caged trashies. The recommended distance for the launch pad is approximately 10-15cm away from the scum drum. We found this to be a bit far away as the launch pad doesn’t have that much power, however that didn’t stop J having fun with this game and inventing his own little games to play.

The Trashies are small in size and rubber, which make them light to launch. They truly are gross looking, everything little boys like (and girls too seemingly as A has taken a shine to the Trashies too!).

Trashies are new to us, and they have been a big hit! Such a big hit in fact that we have purchased more trashies!!

I know what will be on J’s Christmas list this year!!



*Disclaimer – We received the Trash Pack Scum Drum product to Review. However, this does not reflect our view on this item and our opinion is our own.