Review: Wooden

I love Wooden Toys. Something about them screams tradition. Not to mention that they are more hard wearing than the conventional plastic toys you buy now and they just look nicer.

The have some amazing wooden products for kids from dolls prams, dolls houses, railways, garages, play kitchens, shops and accessories to Easels, toy boxes and chests, furniture, balance bikes and much, much more!
(I’ve actually got my eye on some fantastic role play items when we move to a bigger house and the children get the playroom they need) asked us if we would like to review the Le Toy Van Barnyard with some Le Toy Van Sunny Farm Animals.

As soon as the Barnyard and Farm Animals arrived I was eager to check it out before the children got their hands on it.

The Barnyard needs assembling, obviously, but I was surprised how easy it was to put together. You only need to screw the posts together and the panels just slot in. It was a bit complicated figuring out which post went where as they are all very similar, and would have liked to perhaps see them numbered so I knew exactly where they went without having to study each post for a few minutes to ensure I was screwing in the right one.

The Barnyard is sited on a durable and hard wearing base board with fencing and consists of a machinery barn with a hayloft (and ladder!) and a cow shed and stable.

The overall finish of this product is so much higher than I was expecting. It’s nice, solid wood and painted beautifully.







The children automatically got to work playing and enjoyed role playing. They even got their cars and other animal and people figures out to join in.

They can get quite boisterous and over zealous when playing and I was worried that all the bashing they were doing would mark, scratch or chip the paint on the animals or the Barnyard, but I needed have worried. The products really are hard wearing and durable!

If you are looking for hard wearing, durable, long lasting, good quality at reasonable price toys for your little one, then I really would recommend you check out Wooden


*Disclaimer – We were sent the Le Toy Van Barnyard and Sunny Farm Animals to review for this article. This, in no uncertain terms, affects our opinions and the review is entirely of our own.