School’s Out For Summer

The long summer break is here!

If you are anything like me then it is the one that I dread the most.

What to do with the children for six to seven weeks? How do you keep them occupied without them complaining they are bored constantly? and how do you do it without it costing a fortune?

Having four children of different ages, summer holiday’s can be really tricky. We often face boredom and spend a lot of time at home, simply because taking them all out is a major effort and rather costly.

This summer will be my first summer where I have to work Monday to Thursday – but I will still face the same problems on a Friday.

Boredom is a big issue – even though you would think that being four of them they would be able to play together without getting too bored. However, it can get a bit tedious being confined to the home and staring at the same four walls all the time.

I was rather relieved when invited the children and I to an event at Maggie and Rose in Kensington to find out how to keep the kids entertained on a budget.

There was plenty of fun to be had for the little ones from colouring, bricks and playing with homemade playdough.


They even got to decorate biscuits – which I think was the biggest hit of the day and definitely one that I think we are going to repeat! Who knew that some digestive biscuits, icing and sweets could keep the children entertained for so long! also gave us some ideas of things to do with the kids this summer. Having fun doesn’t have to be costly, and doesn’t even have to involve leaving the house.

They have allowed me to share them with you, so please feel free to download the sheets to keep your little one’s occupied this summer.

Week One – Jam Thumbprint Biscuits


Week Two – Egg Cress Heads

School's Out Week Two





Week Three – Scrapbook

schools out





Week Four – Homemade Playdough

schools out





Week Five – Bug Hunt

schools out





Week Six – Craft Kit

Or why not create your own fun by using the Activity Dice (or why not make your own using the blank template!).

Some other idea’s for Summer fun on a budget are:

  • Picnics – indoors, in the garden or take one to the local beach/park.
  • Create a Cinema – pull the curtains, pile the cushions on the floor, pop some corn and put on a movie for the kids.
  • Geogaching – there are plenty of places around the UK where you can go geocaching and it’s free!
  • Go for a Walk/Bike Ride – why not create a little list for the children to spot when you’re out and about. It’s get’s them doing some exercise, whilst they have fun trying to spot things on their list.
  • Baking – why not bake some yummy cookies or cakes? You could even bake some for friends/relatives…. or invite them round for a tea and cake play date!
  • Fashion Show/ Photo Shoot – why not get creative. Let the kids put on a fashion show and you be their photographer!

What do you do to keep your little one’s occupied in the summer break without it costing a fortune??


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  1. rachel
    August 2, 2014 / 4:25 pm

    Useful ideas, especially the play dough that I’ve still not round to making yet!
    Thanks for sharing x