Should schools teach respect?

Should schools teach respect? This is a question that was asked on Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff this week.

I was always brought up to respect your elders. You do as you are told or you are reprimanded, whether that be a smack or being “grounded” to my bedroom and privileges taken away for a certain amount of time.

I still adhere to these rules and instil them in my children – although their punishments are more having possessions removed and privileges revoked rather than physical punishment.

I truly believe that you should always respect your elders, regardless of how old you are, and respect should start right away.

Should teachers teach respect to our children? No – Parents need to teach respect.

Manners and respect should be taught from day one. Ok, so you cannot teach a newborn to show respect and have manners, but you can teach them by example. Growing children are like sponges. They soak up their surroundings as they sit and watch and listen until that moment that they are ready to start talking themselves. If you teach them respect and manners, then it is second nature to them. They will know no different.

I know my children have their moments when they forget their manners and respect, but they are also sometimes just being children and pushing the boundaries, however, where necessary they get reprimanded.

I think the problem with society now days is that discipline is often not enforced. Parents are fearful of reprimanding their children in public as others watch on and stare. We certainly come across this a lot lately as the toddler enters the ‘three-nager’ and is prone to tantrums.

In my opinion, I think that Teachers have had their authority taken away – in the essence of unable to reprimand children as they used to. I’m not saying bring back the cane, but give the teachers the ability to punish pupils where necessary without having abuse hurled at them – from both pupil and parent.

I don’t feel that teachers should be teaching respect. Children should already have levels of respect and manners before they reach the educational system. Teachers should encourage the respect and manners and continue them throughout the school day. It is then the parents responsibility to continue that respect at home.

Unfortunately, there are parents that don’t teach respect. Some don’t even have respect or manners themselves. How can you teach manners and respect when you don’t have them? when you weren’t brought up with them?

Respect and manners are not difficult. Simple please and thank you’s, helping others, checking on elders, opening doors, waiting your turn and just generally being a nice person. That is what I believe respect and manners to be and this is what I teach my children.

Manners and respect cost nothing, but they last a lot longer than anything of monetary value.


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  1. September 1, 2013 / 8:14 am

    I totally agree with you about it and do exactly the same thing with my children but it would be nice if the teachers were able to discipline those that need it