Speech and Motor Delay

No matter how hard you try not to compare your children’s milestones to each other, you do. You can’t help it. Yes, every child is different but if one of your children is a lot later at doing something than the others then it does raise a concern.

This is where we are at with Zachary at the moment.

I have written about his weight issues before and how at 8 months old he was classed as Failure to Thrive due to low weight. I wouldn’t say that he is this now, although he is still rather small – 20lb 11oz and 76.6cm tall at 19 months old, but rather he is just growing very slowly!

However, we have the whole weight thing under control now we know that he has Cows Milk Protein Allergy rather than just Lactose Intolerance.

We were recently visited by the Health Visitor after I aired my concerns at the Baby Weigh Clinic.

Zachary has very limited speech, and when I say limited, I mean limited. He has 2 words, Mama and Dada, that he will say – occasionally. That is it. He will communicate to you via screeching, pointing and saying “ah” but that is it.

We were asked if it was because the older children talk for him, which they do not! I have always made a point that I would not talk to my children in “baby” language and I would not allow others to talk for them. I wanted to encourage them to talk as much as possible. The older 3 were very good talkers and by 18 months old you could have really good conversations with them. They are always talking to Zachary, and whenever he wants something we always tell him what it is before giving it to him.

He has very good understanding and can fetch you things you ask for and he can point to his belly button and toes when you ask him to – he just cannot relay those words back.

He is also not walking unaided, or even standing unaided. He will cruise around furniture and push a chair around the floor whilst holding on, but he just refuses to let go. When I have tried to get him to stand up, he automatically lifts his right foot from underneath him and tries to kneel down.

I wasn’t particularly worried about the walking. Jake was 15 months old when he first started walking, Kyla was 18 months and Abigail was the quickest at just under 13 months old. Zachary was also late at sitting unaided at nearly 9 months old and didn’t crawl until after his first birthday – but you still can’t help but think that you are doing something wrong!

I have noticed that his feet roll inwards a fair bit and he points his feet outwards. I’m not sure if that is completely normal or if it is something to be concerned about.

Speech and Motor Delay

The Health Visitor listened to my concerns and has agreed that his speech and motor skills were delayed for his age.

He was referred for a Hearing Test (which he has on the 29th April), as well as being referred to Speech Therapy and Podiatry to check his feet.

I am glad that we are finally getting somewhere, and I am feeling a little nervous about his hearing test. If he fails then at least it’s something we can deal with. If he passes, then there is still a major concern that he doesn’t talk.

We shall see what the appointments bring! I will keep you updated!




  1. April 28, 2014 / 11:57 am

    Good luck tomorrow. I hope you get some answers soon. My LO had delayed speech. Turned out he had glue ear. Now successfully treated with grommets. Will be sure to pop back and see how Zachary gets on x

    • April 28, 2014 / 12:05 pm

      Thank you Jo! I am hoping it gives us some answers as to why he’s not talking. x

  2. April 28, 2014 / 5:10 pm

    Good luck for tomorrow, my friends little boy was diagnosed with global development delay after a few months of tests and he is now getting the support (from a medical team) that he needs. Have a look into that, it does sound very similar xx