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Stabilo Pens Review

Stabilo Pens Review I am a bit of a stationary fanatic. I love the stuff. But for me, it’s got to be practical as well as pretty. I love funky notepads and gorgeous pens. I am also a fan of multicoloured pens. I love writing in my notebooks in different colours, colour coding my diary and nothing beats writing a card in a nice bright, fun colour! When it comes to stationary for the children, I always conscious that their pens and pencils are easy to use and easy to hold and write with – especially as they are at that stage where writing doesn’t particularly come easy to them and they are practicing daily, trying to perfect their handwriting. We were sent some Stabilo pens to review.

Stabilo EasyOrginal Pen

Stabilo Easy Original

I love this pen! The ergonomically designed rollerball makes the Stabilo EaryOriginal the *new* fountain pen! Remember having to change the ink cartridges in the fountain pens? Them leaking all over your hands, and then  you’d smudge all the ink on your nice neat work? Well no more with this pen!

Being a rollerball means that it doesn’t blot or scratch. The ink cartridges do not leak either and are easy to install (you simply unscrew the pen and slip the new cartridge in).

Another thing I love about this pen is that it comes in either Left or Right handed design, and with its non-slip grip, makes it easy to hold, maintain posture, with no need to grip – therefore no hand ache – and because it is easy to use and comfortable, it makes handwriting flow much better.

The older 2 love these pens and have since taken them to school to use – not without their names on mind! Good job that each pen has a space for a name tag!

Stabilo point 88 Pen

Stabilo PensThese pens remind me of being back at school for some reason, don’t they you? The Stabilo point 88 pen is great for home, office or for the kids for school. They are available in 25 different colours, and as they are a fineliner, they are great to use with stencils or rulers. Their hexagonal shape also makes them easy to hold.

I have claimed these pens for my own. I think they look far too grown up for the children to use. They fit well in my handbag – either singly or in their handy portable wallet, they are capped so do not leak, and they do not smudge when writing. I love the fact that they do come in such an array of colours. It means I can colour code appointments in my diary, and I love writing cards in a nice bright colour!

Stabilo Trio Scribbi Pen

Stabilo PensIf you have a little artist then the Stabilo Trio Scribbi pens are great. They have a push resistant thick nib, meaning that little hands can push down as hard as they like and it will not break, or pop in like a normal felt pen does. The great triangle design means that they are easy for little hands to hold, and the best part is that they are washable, so if they get on hands or clothes, it washes off!

The other thing I like about these pens is that they are great for special needs kids. Jake sometimes has problems with standard pens where they are just too small to grip properly, but being quite chunky the Trio Scribbi pens are easier to handle.

Stabilo EASYgraph

Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the Stabilo EASYgraph for the simple fact that as soon as the children tried these out, they went to school and have not returned! They love them that much that they use them all the time at school. They are in the top picture that I took as soon as the products arrived – before the children got to them!

I asked Jake what he liked about the pencil and his exact words were “it helps me concentrate really well, in maths and that, because of the grip”. He told me that he prefers it better to a normal pencil because the grips help him to control the pencil a lot better.

So there you have it! If you want some great stationary products, that will help your kids with their writing, starting out in their writing journey, for their artistic flare, or for you to use – then Stabilo is the way forward!!


*Disclaimer – we were sent the products above to review, but all opinions are our own and the children really do like these products and they are helping them!