Teddy Bear Tea Party with Samsung Galaxy S5

A few weeks ago, I collected Abigail from her Saturday class at theatre school and we hopped on the tube to go in to Central London, as had been invited to a special Teddy Bear Tea Party with Three for the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung_Galaxy_S5_black_620x620,2I was sent a phone to play with and to take pictures with at the event. I only received it late on the Friday afternoon, so once I had charged it, I didn’t get as much of an opportunity to play around as I would have liked.

The 16 megapixel camera is pretty good and takes good quality photo’s. All the pictures in this post were taken using the Samsung Galaxy S5. I took pictures using both the normal angle, and flipping the camera round to be screen facing. Screen facing looks a bit grainy, but then you get that on most phones, and it’s definitely not the worst picture quality I have seen.

We arrived at Hamleys for 12:30 and headed up to the third floor for a fun Build a Bear party. The children got to choose their own bear from a huge selection.

Being a Frozen fan, Abigail was pretty set on having Olaf as soon as she spotted him! She was even more excited when she found that you could put a noise inside – and one of the options was Olaf singing ‘It’s Summer’.

Once the bears and sounds were chosen, it was time to choose their hearts and give them lots of qualities. The children were asked what would qualities they would like their bears to have. There was a lot of good dancing requests!

Abi & Olaf

Whilst the bears were having their stuffing put in, the children got to play a game with two reindeer. They were split in to teams and got the chance to choose an outfit for the reindeer. It was then a race to see who could get the dressed the quickest.

I must say, both teams did an excellent job!


Once the bears were stuffed, it was time to dress them. Naturally, we had to give Olaf a summer outfit!


After Hamleys, we headed over to Scoff and Banter for some very english Afternoon Tea.

The children were treated to milkshakes whilst the parents had pots of tea before the fabulous trays of food were brought out.

Oh My! It was totally scrummy! Finger sandwiches, scones and jam, mini fondue, trifles and a fab selection of cake, brownies and cupcakes. It was delightful and somewhere that I really want to go back to!

Scoff and Banter Tea

And no day would be complete without some silly selfies. These pictures were taken with the camera ‘forward facing’, so I could see us properly on the screen. Like I said, they look a little grainy, but they’re not actually that bad. What do you think?

Silly Selfies

I would like to say a huge thank you to Three for the loan of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and for a wonderful day out. We had so much fun and Olaf has not left Abigail’s side since!!

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is available now from Three. To find out more about the phone and plans available, head over to their website {here}.