The Bedding Company Review

The Bedding Company Silentnight Climate Control Duvet Review

I think Mother Nature has skipped Autumn this year and has headed straight for Winter. The weather has changed to that bitter cold and the wind is picking up. Daylight is getting shorter and the nights are drawing in.

I don’t know about you, but in Winter, nothing beats a nice hot bath then snuggling in bed under a warm duvet with a cup of something hot and a good book.

I love my bed. In my ideal bedroom I would have  a huge Queen size bed, maybe some sort of sleigh type bed, and a mega thick duvet. I love to feel really warm and snug at night.

Reality is a little different. We have a standard double as that is all our small master bedroom can handle with the wardrobes, drawers and cot in there. My husband is also hot-blooded so we have a Summer duvet on all year round, which can get a bit cold (for me) in those cold winter nights.

The Bedding Company  I was recently contacted by The Bedding Company asking if I would like to review a product for them. After having a look on their website, which is easy to navigate and well laid out, I settled upon a Silentnight Climate Control Duvet.

The duvet features a revolutionary Cirrus Airflow fibre that removes excess moisture and humidity and in turn you have a luxuriously comfortable night’s sleep. The duvet is 100% hollowfibre filling with a ultrasoft polyester and cotton cover and is non-allergenic. The Silentnight Climate Control duvet is also machine washable at 40°C and suitable for tumble drying.

Our Thoughts

The Silentnight Climate Control duvet came in a reusable case so you can pop it back in for storage when not needed.

The duvet itself was very soft to touch, and not lumpy or bumpy at all, like you can get with some hollowfibre duvets. The Bedding Company

As we had got a 4.5 tog, I was really intrigued to see if it would work and would keep me comfortable all night – and you know what … it does! We have been using the duvet for a few weeks now and every night, as soon as I snuggle down I immediately get warm and have had a decent night sleep, well as decent a night as you can get with a baby who wakes at night – but you know what I mean.

Paul has felt snug too … although we a Kingsize would suit us better than a double as I am a bit of a duvet hogger!

The Silentnight Climate Control Duvet comes in Single, Double and Kingsize.


If you’re looking for some new bedding, perhaps a new duvet or pillows or even a new mattress and bed – check out The Bedding Company as they have some really nice products


*Disclaimer – We were sent the featured product for the purposes of reviewing. All views are our own.