The Evolution of McDonald’s

The evolution of mcdonald's

Back in 1974, McDonald’s opened its very first restaurant in Woolwich, South East London. A lot has changed since then.

I recently visited Woolwich Church Street McDonald’s to find out more about how they have evolved and revolutionised the Fast Food biz.

McDonald’s restaurants have currently been refurbished and undergone big development changes.

You now have the option to order at a kiosk – a digital display where you pick and customise your meals. There is also table service available – as well as iPad’s for the kids to play on, free wifi and plenty of charging points.

After a tour of the restaurant, we were invited behind the scenes to see what goes on in the McDonald’s kitchen.

The Kitchen

There’s always speculation about the quality of ingredients used in fast food restaurants. Rest assured, McDonald’s use the best! The eggs used are fresh and free range, the beef is from British and Irish grass-fed cows, and the chickens were once free ranging. And yes, the fries are from potatoes! Seriously guys!

The buns are also fresh from a bakery. You really are getting great quality produce.

I love the new open plan kitchen that McDonald’s are rolling out. It means that you can actually see your meal being prepared whilst you wait.

The burgers are grilled – which means that they are not full of fat. The fryers have different sections for fries, chicken, and fish so there is no contamination. They also have special vats that clean the oil approximately 20 times a day (and they are completely cleaned every day with all the oil removed!).

Making of the Big Mac

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a fussy eater, well maybe I am a little, but there are certain foods I won’t eat. Beef and Mayo being two of them. This would often leave me a limited choice when we would venture to McDonald’s.

It often required asking for a special order and then having to wait whilst it was freshly prepared.

Now, that is not the case. Every burger at McDonald’s is fresh, made to order.

I had the opportunity to make a Big Mac (as well as a Ranch Californian Chicken burger from the current ‘Taste of America’ promotion).

It was super fun learning what goes into making a McDonald’s burger. Who knew that the buns have to be toasted a certain way? You do now!

McDonald’s are also rolling out their new signature burgers which have a thicker patty and a brioche bun instead of seeded.

I really enjoyed finding out all about the evolution of McDonald’s and how they are revolutionising the fast food industry. Every order is cooked specifically to your tastes and because the food is not pre-cooked and sat waiting, everything is so much fresher and hotter!

Oh, and one more thing –  Yes, the rumours are true! They are launching a small delivery pilot this summer – so you can have your favourite McDonald’s meal delivered straight to your door!




Disclaimer: I was invited along to McDonald’s and compensated for this post. However, all views are my own. 


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