Thoughtful Thursday – 23rd May 2013

Thoughtful Thursday


I’m still new to this Thoughtful Thursday positive thinking. It’s hard to change your mindset when you have been brought up negatively and spent many years surround with negative people. I don’t want my children to grow up being negative, so I’m hoping I can change my attitude, to stop them developing one.

I’m quite lucky that my husband is quite a positive person. He believes in a me a lot more than I believe in myself.

Like last week, this week has been hard to find positives.

Capt.Chaos is such a nightmare in the mornings before his medication that it almost always starts the day off on a bad footing. I would love to be able to see more positives in him (and Prancer at the moment who can give the greatest Diva’s a run for their money!).

So, this weeks positives may not be anything great or even thought of as positive by some, but for me it’s a start.

* Older 2 were relatively well behaved after school.
* Didn’t have to shout for them to help.

* The children helped daddy pick up the bits of grass out the front that had cut.

* I took the Toddler with me grocery shopping and she was so well behaved. She walked all the way round the store helping me with the list.

– Struggled today –

* Toddler was really good whilst we were at the hospital seeing Baby’s Paediatrician.
*Toddler walked nicely to put Baby’s prescription in.

* Had a lovely day out meeting up with some lovely bloggers. Toddler had a lovely time playing.
*Children went to bed at 7pm with not much fuss or arguments. (I did bedtime alone due to P being out).

*Toddler napped most the day as she was up before 6am with Capt.Chaos.
*Picked older 2 up from school and they were well behaved.
*Had to go to town to collect Capt.Chaos’ glasses that were being fixed. All children were well behaved and did as they were asked.

Overall, I don’t think this week has been too bad. I just really wish the older 2 listened more. It’s like talking to a brick wall sometimes.

Something to work on this week!!