Thoughtful Thursday – 6th June 2013

Thoughtful Thursday

I’m a day late with this week’s Thoughtful Thursday post. I’m sorry! I’ve been really busy trying to organise an event and campaigning for sponsorship for our Skydive that I completely forgot it was Thursday.

Anyways, things have been on and off. The weekend was really good, but then it was back to school this week. Anyone who has a child on the Autistic Spectrum can hopefully sympathise as to how difficult schooling can be. We just get Capt. Chaos in to a routine, and then it’s half term. He just get used to being off school and it’s back to the routine again. It completely throws him every time. We will just get him back to the routine and it’ll be Summer break!

Before I waffle on anymore, here is how my week has been!


• Last day of Half Term and kids going stir crazy as its also raining, but they played ok (despite not being able to tidy up – but let’s not go there as its all about the positives!).


• CYBHER! I’ve been looking forward to today for the best part of a year! Just me & Baby 🙂
• Baby was so good all day! He had a few wobbly moments but on the whole he was just perfect.
• Met lots of lovely bloggers that I’ve only ever spoken to.



• After an eventful morning back and forth to the school Toddler, Baby and I had a play date with a friend.
• Toddler and her friend had such a fun time at soft play. They particularly loved going on the big slide.
• Toddler napped – TWICE


• Attempted to tidy up but feels like I am losing the battle. Need to focus and get organised. Must try harder on this!
• Had to pop to the Supermarket after school. Kids behaved well and no begging for bits the cant have. Came out unscathed.


• A lovely sunny day!
• Managed to get a few loads of washing done.
• Toddler was so good whilst we were out grocery shopping. I allowed her to walk and she helped select the items we needed. I allowed her one treat as she had been so good. She picked a treat, then picked another. She looked at them both for a little bit, then put one treat back. I could have melted! It was just the way I could see her trying to decide, and how she knew she would have been asked to chose one of the treats to put back. I didn’t say anything to her! She done it all on her own.
• Walked to the school to pick up Capt. Chaos and Prancer.


• Toddler ever so good whilst we took Baby to the Doctors.
• Mr Bear came home for lunch! Toddler loves it when Daddy comes home for lunch.
• Kids behaved nicely whilst I had to go collect prescriptions.

I think I’m getting there. I’m still the hot head and I still find I’m shouting at the kids and get frustrated when they mess about and don’t do as they’re told, but at least I am starting to be able to find a few positives in each day, however small they are.

I know I need to remain more focused on the house and get in to a routine. This is something I need to plan. I might look in to this over the weekend.

For now, here’s to a more positive week 🙂