Tickety Toc Puzzle and Books Review

Tickety Toc Puzzle and Books

Abigail loves Tickety Toc and Zachary is starting to get in to it now too. They tend to watch it in the morning on Channel 5’s Milkshake show after the older two have left for school.

Abigail and Zachary were recently sent a Tickety Toc Wooden Peg Puzzle, a book and an activity book to review.

Tickety Toc Puzzle and Books

 Tickety Toc Wooden Peg Puzzle

This lovely 6 piece peg puzzle is made from real wood. Featuring the Tickety Toc characters, this puzzle is great for little hands to grasp and familiarise themselves with putting pieces back where they belong.

Zachary is a bit too young to understand the whole concept of putting the pieces back, but he enjoyed taking them out. Abigail, on the other hand, enjoyed the puzzle.

This cute wooden peg puzzle is for ages 12mth+ and costs £5.99 from Amazon.

Tickety Toc Puzzle and Books

 Tickety Toc Book

We were sent a copy of the Tickety Toc a Mystery Time hardback story book in which Tommy and Tallulah solve the mystery of the disappearing food.

This fun book is great for preschoolers and gets them engaging with their favourite characters. The illustrations are bright and the pages aren’t overcrowded with the written word making the story an easy read for bedtime.

Abigail enjoyed the story and we found it just long enough to hold her attention. The bright illustrations definitely helped and encouraged questions about the story.

Tickety Toc Puzzle and Books

 Tickey Toc Sticker Activity Book

Every child loves an activity book and the Tickety Toc Badge Time Sticker Activity book is great fun. Your child gets to help Tommy and Tallulah earn their Tickety Trooper badges by doing good deeds. This 16 page book is packed full of fun puzzles, games, 4 pages of stickers (over 50 in total!) and 4 pages of press-outs and will be sure to keep your preschooler entertained.

Abigail loved the activity book, especially the stickers. Mummy had to help with the press outs and explain the activities, but on a whole she was able to complete a lot of the puzzles herself.

Tickety Toc Story Books are available from Igloo Books.



*Disclaimer – We were sent the above items for this review. However, our opinion remains our own. 

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