Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Baby and Toddler

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Babies and Toddlers

I struggle every year as to what to get the youngest child. Obviously the more children we have had, the harder it has been as they always inherit the previous child’s toys.

This list is our Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Babies and Toddlers and mostly contains products that we already own – as well as a few that we just think are fab, and some that we are getting the little ones for Christmas this year.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Baby and Toddler 1. ‘Zebby’, this Sunny Safari Zebra Rocking Animal was introduced to us by Kiddicare. We don’t have the room for him in our house, and Zachary is still a little too small and unsteady to sit on him unaided (we tried him out in store a few weeks ago), but he is an awesome gift that any little one would love to find under their Christmas Tree. He retails at £39.99.


Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Baby and Toddler 2. This super cute handmade crochet hat is a must to keep your little one’s head warm this winter! This gorgeous pink kitten crochet beanie is one of many from Minnies Macaroon whose main focus is handmade high quality and fair trade products at affordable prices. With their crochet hats being 100% handmade and using Icelandic Yarn, your little one will be stylish and warm! Beanie hats retail at around £11 which I think is great for handmade!!

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Baby and Toddler


 3. Abigail and Zachary both love the TV program Tickety Toc and we have recently got a few products, including this six peg puzzle. Classic wooden toys are brought to life in these colourful and stimulating Tickety Toc toys, all of which would make the perfect Christmas gift this year for your little Chime Timer! All toys are available from Amazon.


Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Baby and Toddler 4. Books are great for presents, and I try to buy new books every year and what’s better than getting them books that they will enjoy? These new, colourful range of Tickety Toc books are available as traditional books (from all good bookshops), OR as e-books for Kindle (from Amazon), and for iPad, iPhone & iTouch (from iTunes).


Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Baby and Toddler 5. Last year we bought Abigail a Leapfrog Leappad and it truly was money well spent. She is monitored so she doesn’t spend too much time on this gadget, but the apps are educational and fun, that she is learning without even realising. You can purchase a Leapfrog Leappad from most major retailers, and even though it is pricey at around £60+, I think it’s worth the money for many years of educational fun.   

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Baby and Toddler 6. Baby’s First Christmas? – then why not get them this gorgeous striped sleepsuit from The Essential One for £14.99. This onesie is made from 100% superfine cotton so really soft against baby’s skin. It features the logo My First Christmas which is embroidered on the front AND comes in a matching stripe bag. Will be a gorgeous keepsake gift.


Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Baby and Toddler 7. Can you tell we are fans of Leapfrog? Our next gift is the Leapfrog Read with me Scout. Scout comes with 5 books, which reads to your child, and gradually encourages them to learn to read themselves. We have just got one of these and Abigail is really enjoying trying to read. Available from most major retailers priced at RRP £29.99.


Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Baby and Toddler 8. WOW toys. We have just discovered how fantastic these are after buying Zachary some for his first birthday. Abigail then also received a set for her birthday and both have WOW toys put away for Christmas. They are along the lines of Fisher Price Little People or ELC Happyland, but I just find that as well as the price being more reasonable, they are easier for kids to handle and slightly more durable. All four of our children have hours of fun playing with these toys. My aim is to have the whole collection! WOW toys are available from Amazon.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Baby and Toddler 9. This is another toy that we already own. In fact, Zachary received this VTech Crawl and Learn Bright Lights Ball for his first birthday. This fun ball actually moves around the floor on its own, encouraging baby to move and crawl after it. Zachary spends ages chasing this around the floor as it plays music. Available from most retailers and with an RRP £15.99.


Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Baby and Toddler 10. You can’t have a Christmas List without a bit of Lego on it! Both Abigail and Zachary love Lego Duplo. Abigail spends ages building a tower and Zachary will come bombing along and knock it down – then happily tap the bricks together in amusement at what he has just done. There are plenty of different Lego Duplo ranges on the market. We have several ranges, but this Creative Cakes set is Abigail’s favourite. Lego Duplo is available from most of the major retailers and sets are from around £10 upwards.






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