Top 10 Christmas Home Decor Wishlist 2013

Top 10 Christmas Home Decor Wishlist

Christmas is coming round real quick and it’s time to start thinking about those finer details – the home decor!

Do you use the same tree every year or buy new? Fresh or Fake? Tinsel or Bead? Indoor Lights? Outdoor Decs?

How about the table setting and colour themes?

Whatever you decide to do, here is my Top 10 Christmas Home Decor Wishlist


Top 10 Christmas Home Decor

 1.  A tree at Christmas is a MUST have! I love these artificial tree’s from White Stores. I’d love a huge 10ft one, but it would take up most of my lounge and hit the ceiling, so it’s not really practical. A 6ft one is tree is just the right size. Ranging from £9.95 up to over £500 – there’s a tree for every budget!


Top 10 Christmas Home Decor 2. For the past 7 years I have had the same colour theme and used the same baubles – this year it’s time for a bit of a change. I am in love with these Baubles from John Lewis. They are so pretty and a great alternative to the traditional colours.



Top 10 Christmas Home Decor 3. Over the years I add to the special little decorations that go on our tree. The past year I have really got in to homemade stuff – and so I am loving these cute little handmade reindeer by Maisymoos are simply gorgeous and a must for any tree. These gorgeous fella’s cost £3 each or a set of 4 for £10.

Top 10 Christmas Home Decor

 4. I love lights. I think they make everything feel all warm and cosy – exactly how Christmas should feel. I love these Wicker Heart Fairy lightsfrom Not on the High Street by Rose Hill Boutique. They are also available in Stars and are £35. The thing I love best about these is that they are so pretty, they can stay up all year round!


Top 10 Christmas Home Decor 5. I love candles. I love lighting them and snuggling down whilst they flicker in an evening. They are also great for an evening dinner table. I love these Christmas Tealight Holders from Lakeland. How cute are they?




Top 10 Christmas Home Decor  

6. I love setting the table for Christmas. I wish I had enough energy to set it out like it every year. I put everything in dishes and it’s a “help yourself” policy with plenty to go round. I am quite liking mauve this year – and this Mauve Ruffle Tablecloth from Next would love gorgeous as you sit down to eat your big Turkey meal!


Top 10 Christmas Home Decor 7. No table setting is complete without some Crackers. I love these Mauve and Ivory set of 12 Crackers from Next and at £12 for the set, I think it’s quite reasonable.





Top 10 Christmas Home Decor  8. Sticking with Handmade – I love these Joyous Christmas’ Blocks from Hush Baby Sleeping and at only £22, I think they are a bargain which can come out year after year and will never go out of fashion!



Top 10 Christmas Home Decor  9. I love these little Christmas Treat boxes that are on Pretty ParTea. You can fill them with little treats and they’re great to either hang from a tree or simply have as a little decoration on a shelf or table. They are currently on Sale at £4.49 for an 8 pack.


Top 10 Christmas Home Decor 10. If you have children, then a ‘Santa Stop Here’ sign is a must! This handmade sign from Lucy Sheeran is beautifully illustrated and is sure to make Santa stop!


And there we have it! My Top 10 Christmas Home Decor Wishlist for 2013.



*Photo Credits go to:

1. White Stores 2. John Lewis 3. Maisymoo’s 4. Not on the High Street, Rose Hill Boutique 5. Lakeland 6 & 7. Next 8. Hush Baby Sleeping 9. Pretty ParTea 10. Lucy Sheeran

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