Top Tips for finding a Summer Holiday

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Bradenton Beach, Florida

The last time we had a family holiday abroad was back in 2008, when we went to Florida. We also only had 2 children then who were 2.5 and 15 months at the time.

Now those 2 children are grown up and at school (as well as an extra 2 children), so finding time to go on a nice holiday is difficult and we are bound to going out of Term Time only.

We really had our hearts set on going back to Florida again this year, but this would mean taking the children out of school as we simply cannot afford the flights otherwise.

We have had a tough year and decided we really needed a break, so kind of last-minute, we started looking at holidays.

Here are our Top Tips for finding a last-minute holiday:

  • Be Flexible on Dates – have a date in mind of when you’d like to go away, but also allow yourself a few days either side of that date. Sometimes greater deals can be had if you travel midweek, or if you stay for a short midweek break rather than a full week stay.
  • Be Flexible on Destination – whilst having an idea on where you would like to go, being flexible on the precise location helps immensely and you’re more likely to find a better bargain if you travel slightly further afield from the main tourist attractions.
  • Be Flexible on Accommodation – whilst you may have that luxury villa or All-inclusive 5star hotel in mind, be a little flexible. Why not try something new – you may enjoy it.

And finally

  •  Compare Deals – there are many deals to be had and it’s always worth comparing different sites. There are many holiday comparison sites, like Icelolly family holidays,  to check to make sure you are getting a good deal.

Unfortunately an abroad holiday is a no go for us again this year. Silly Mama forgot that the older 2’s passports have expired and the younger 2 need passports.

Instead, we used our tips and found a little cottage in Devon, somewhere we’ve never stayed before, on a small holdings farm at a great price. We can’t wait to go on Saturday!!

Do you have any tips for finding a last minute Summer Holiday?