Toyota Hybrid Ride and Drive with Mumsnet

When you hear Toyota you automatically think of the Toyota Prius. The car made famous by celebrities.

When you hear Hybrid you automatically think of an Eco friendly, costly vehicle that would be out of the price range of most people.

I recently visited Toyota HQ, thanks to Mumsnet, and got to learn about, see and drive Toyota’s Hybrid range.

For me it was a real insight. I didn’t know much about hybrids. I knew that they were more eco-friendly than your conventional cars, that was about it. I had heard all the furore that the celebrities were making about the Pruis Hybrids many years ago, so my assumption was that they are expensive. Something only those with money and or celebrities could afford.

How wrong was I?

Toyota Hybrid Toyota don’t just do the Pruis Hybrid. They have a whole range of them – from the small Yaris to the family MPV, Prius+.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that as Hybrids, the cars switch from being Electric to Petrol automatically. This in turn keeps their CO2 emissions down meaning that for the majority of Hybrids you don’t actually pay any car tax!

Hybrids are no more expensive than your average car and they can also save you money on the running costs too. Most of the batteries come with a long (around 8 year) warranty.

Being a Hybrid and more of an electric eco car you would expect the drive to be really heavy, a bit bumpy on gear changes and not a very nice all round ride.

However, I got to drive both the Toyota Auris Tourer Hybrid as well as the Prius+ Hybrid and both were smooth rides. Inside is a very futuristic, gadget based dash with an automatic gearbox with a smooth, simple touch to get the car in to drive, reverse, park etc. You cannot feel the car change “gear” as you would on a standard automatic, and both were very easier to manoeuver with their parking sensors, and in the case of the Auris Tourer, a rearview camera! Some Hybrids even park themselves!! *

Toyota Hybrid

I have to admit, I have fallen in love with the Auris Tourer – even though it is not big enough as a family car (I’m trying to convince the husband to buy one for him so I can drive it every now and then!).

Choosing a Toyota Hybrid makes sense. You are saving yourself money, as well as it being better overall for the planet. It’s a WIN WIN in my opinion!


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