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Are you and the family going on holiday this Summer Break? Keeping kids happy whilst travelling can be difficult, but with The Good Toy Guide and their Guide to Travelling with Kids, it’ll be a breeze.

Good Toy Guide


The Good Toy Guide’s Guide to Travelling with kids!

Child psychologist Dr Amanda Gummer, author of the unique play advice website Good Toy Guide, gives her top stress-free solutions for families who will be travelling on holiday this summer.
The Good Toy Guide is committed to promoting healthy child development play. It offers advice on play and child development as well as a range of authoritative toy reviews it draws from Dr Gummer’s 20 years of experience working with children and families.

With families preparing for the summer holidays, the Good Toy Guide has many tips for keeping kids occupied whilst travelling as a key to a stress-free journey whether through toys or free play ideas.
Dr Amanda Gummer shares her best solutions for keeping children entertained whilst travelling this summer: “There are plenty of ways to keep children occupied when travelling and it doesn’t necessarily mean spending any money. From playing eye spy to quizzes and memory games, families can share some great fun and laughter testing each other’s knowledge, memory skills and imagination. These games also encourage social development and relationship bonding and on long car journeys not only while away the hours, but keep a child’s focus outside of the vehicle lessening the onset of travel sickness.

Dr Gummer also has some great recommendations if you are thinking about buying some new toys for the journey “If your child doesn’t cope with travelling very well, taking a comfort toy or blanket can make them feel more at ease and settled. If you are thinking of other ways to keep your children occupied, compact games such as the classic Rubik’sCube will enable a child to focus on the task in hand.”

Here is a selection of travel games and toys from the Good Toy Guide:

Good Toy Guide

1. Wordsearcher –This pack of 100 wipe clean word searches
develops a child’s literacy, vocabulary and spelling.

2. Boggle – This timed competition word game improves
spelling, word awareness and writing skills.

3. Pillow Pet – This cuddly soft toy can be flatted as a pillow
and supports emotional development whilst travelling.

4. Kloo Animal Reader Cards – This fun pack of cards aids
reading development and imagination.

5. Zip It – This easy to play anagram game comes in a
compact case and encourages social skills and friendly

6. Rubik’s Cube – This classic puzzle cube with different
coloured faces encourages perseverance and logic skills.

7. CuddleUpPets – A range of soft animal puppet blankets
that facilitate a calm sleeping routine whilst enhancing
feelings of comfort and security whilst traveling.

8. Bop It Smash – This electronic game involves spoken
instructions and creates lots of interaction and discussion.

9. Kurio 7 – This android tablet with wi-fi and parental
control allows children to develop an understanding of

10. My Pal Scout – This interactive soft toy responds to having
its paws squeezed which promotes listening skills and
enhances self-esteem.

Look out for Dr Gummer’s next feature on the Good Toy Guide’s Guide to Back to School. If you would like to find out more about the Good Toy Guide visit:

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