‘Twas The Night Before Christmas


It’s Christmas Eve. Santa is coming tonight. The kids, who have been going crazy for the past month, will get stupidly excited and proclaim that they’re too excited to sleep. We will anxiously await for them to drift off, then last minute wrapping, building of toys and presents brought out of hiding places to be strategically put around the tree.

Then Christmas morning will be an array of very excited children waking up earlier than necessary, tearing open their stockings whilst shouting “he’s been, he’s been”. They’ll then beg to go downstairs to see what’s there, where they’ll excitedly tear at the carefully wrapped presents whilst I’m trying to snap pictures of the whole occasion.

The day will be filled with joy (and probably tears from overtired and overexcited children), way too much food, but most importantly, love.

Christmas is a time of year to reflect. To think of others who may not be so fortunate. To those who do not have their children with them on this magical day. To remember the true meaning of Christmas.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you. Thank you for reading my blog. From what was started as a little journal, somewhere to write my thoughts and share my stories of depression, a complicated pregnancy and birth, living with a child with Special Needs – it has grown to more than I ever thought. As a family we have had some amazing experiences and got to try some great things. It wouldn’t have been possible without you guys reading it. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read and comment on this blog – thank you so much!

I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. May your day be filled with fun and laughter, and raise a glass to those who cannot share it with you.

Lots of Love,
Rachel x