Unexpected Delivery – a Birth Story

37 weeks pregnant

When I woke on the morning of Monday, 17th September, little did I realise that it would be the day that we would meet our new baby.

I’d been feeling really uncomfortable for a few days, well weeks really, beforehand and had been rather emotional and tetchy.

On the Sunday (16th), I gave baby permission to arrive anytime from the following day as I would be 37 weeks and classed as Full Term. How did I know that he would actually listen to me (probably the only time he ever will!).

Here is his Birth Story:

0400 – Jolted awake with a terrible pain. It’s normally the time I awake for that early morning toilet trip, so thought the pain was to do with that. Went to the toilet, and clambered back in to bed to try to get more sleep. Every time I managed to nod off I was woken up with pains again. I had had terrible Braxton Hicks in the past so thought it was just my body playing me up again.

0700 – I didn’t want to concern Paul, so I messaged my friend to explain I had been up since 4am with pains. I decided to time them and see how frequent they were coming. Every 10mins and lasting about 1minute each.. Hmmm! My friend said I should go to hospital. I explained I wasn’t ready! I couldn’t possibly go in to labour today! I had things planned, the moses basket was still in the attic, the car seat wasn’t even washed! My friend told me that I best get the car seat washed at the very least!

0845 – Decided enough was enough and we best get checked out. Called the hospital to explain and they advised to go in to be seen. Paul took the older 2 children to school first. I did a quick tidy up, slung the rest of my bits in to my hospital bag (yep, I hadn’t even finished packing it!) and put the car seat covers in the washing machine.

0930 – Set off to the hospital with Abigail in tow. Couldn’t really call upon anyone at this time of the morning to get anyone to have her. Besides, if they decide to send me home I would have felt guilty.

0950 – Arrived at the hospital. Abigail had fallen asleep in the car and Paul was hungry so I told him to go and get some food whilst I head up to labour ward and get checked out. There’s no point taking her up there as I would no doubt be sent home again. I checked in with the lady on the Reception at Labour Ward and waited for a bed.

1020 – Taken to a bed in the assessment bay and explained to the Midwife about the pains. Did the mandatory urine sample and was popped on to the monitor to see what was happening.

1030 – Briefly seen by the Doctor who said that it sounded like labour, and if it was that I would be delivered at some point. A little longer on the monitor and we could see what was happening.

1130 – CTG monitor checked. They are contractions. This is NOT a false alarm like I was expecting and I would be delivered today. I asked the Midwife to double-check with the Doctor as Paul was downstairs with Abigail and we would need to get her collected if it was true.

1145 – Doctor came in and did an internal examination. I was 1cm dilated. She confirmed that yes, as I was dilating and contractions were every 1 in 10 that delivery would be today! They were busy on Labour Ward but our little man would definitely be here today.

1155 – I text Paul to let him know that we would have a baby today and could he ask his Dad to come collect Abigail. As she had woken, Paul brought her up to see me quickly before she went off with Grandad.

Once Abigail was collected it was just a case of waiting until I could go to theatre. I had my canula inserted and took my pre-meds and had a read of a magazine etc.

1500 – Seen my Anaesthetist who checked my pains were still every 10 mins. I said they were and no worse than before and manageable without any form of pain relief (I had popped 2 paracetamol about 7am but that was it). She went through what would happen in theatre with the spinal block etc, but I knew most of it anyway. Again, I was told I would be delivered today but as they are busy and I’m not an emergency right now that I wasn’t priority. I was still ok at this point, so decided to try to get a doze in (when I could).

Then the unimaginable happened….

1830 – Jumped off the bed with an almighty pain and a lot of pressure in my pelvis. Told Paul that something wasn’t right. I either needed to go for a poopy or I had to push. I pushed the buzzer for the Midwife and told her. She chuckled and asked if I wanted to try the toilet. My response? “Nooo…what if I push him out!” Again she chuckled at me. She could see I was in slightly more pain than earlier so offered me some Gas and Air. She told me that the Doctor was finishing up with an emergency in theatre then I was scheduled to go down next, so it wouldn’t be long to wait at all. So I took to my G&A…gosh that makes you feel all fuzzy doesn’t it!

1845 – Pressed buzzer again! Something is going on! The Senior Midwife comes in. “I need to push” I shout at her. She asks if I can take my trousers off (yup, I’m still fully clothed!). She gets a stern NO shot at her, so she ask’s Paul to help her pull my trousers down. She examines me and flees the room! As she exits, so do my waters! Whooosh…with such force they splatter everywhere! I looked at Paul’s shocked face! The Midwife returns with the doctor and they start getting the bed to move. I am told that I am fully engaged, his head is right there and it’s too dangerous to do a C-section. “But I’m not allowed to deliver naturally” was my reply. The Doctor assures me she has seen successful normal births after two caesarean sections and that the Senior Midwife would deliver me.

They whisk me out of the assessment bay and in to a nearby room that they were just finishing up cleaning and was asked if I could shuffle over to the bed beside me to deliver. I managed to move and the Midwife told me I had to listen to her very carefully to ensure a safe delivery for me. I listened….

1855 – After 3 small pushes, baby Zachary entered our world weighing a teeny 5lbs 7oz but perfect in every way.

We couldn’t quite believe that not only was he here, but that I had managed something I was told I could not do. I had successfully accomplished a VBA2C and rather chuffed about it 🙂




  1. October 15, 2012 / 1:24 pm

    Oh wow! You are amazing! I am so pleased that you all were OK x

  2. October 15, 2012 / 1:31 pm

    Great story, well done you!

  3. Amanda
    October 15, 2012 / 6:55 pm

    Fantastic! Congratulations again! 🙂

    • Confessions of a SAHM
      November 21, 2012 / 12:31 am

      Thank you Tania. It still amazes me every time I read it 🙂

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  6. February 14, 2014 / 9:36 am

    Aww!! I’ve had this up to read since yesterday! Cup of tea in hand now to do so 🙂 I do love reading birth stories! Did you know he was going to be a 5lb-er? And did he need any help after because of being that size? Only asking because they say I’m going to have a small baby this time around, which I dont believe but I’m really interested in hearing about small babies X x

    • February 14, 2014 / 10:39 am

      I knew he was going to be small (6lb at the most). Both my girls were 5lb 12oz and 5lb 5.5oz respectively. Jake was my heaviest at 7lb 5oz born 8 days late. Zac was scheduled to be born at 39+2wks, so knew he was not going to be overly big. He was born fine and healthy. He had a few issues trying to keep his blood sugar levels up (Abigail had the same issues, as well as being unable to control her body temperature, but I think this was more to do with the fact that she was born under a General Anaesthetic than her weight).

      I think sometimes doctors can be over cautious with small babies, there are more risks that they will be poorly etc – but all mine have been fine 🙂 xx