Upcycle Project: Writing Bureau

Taking on an upcycle project is something I have considered for a while, but never been brave enough to do it.

Then I decided that I really needed a desk to work from, but with space being tight, I needed something small and that can tuck away.

My grandparents had a writing bureau when I was growing up and I always loved it. Sadly, they both passed away when I was 15 and I don’t know what happened to most of their belongings – otherwise, I would have been first in line for it!

Anyway, I decided that a bureau was what I wanted and that I would be more than happy to paint one to fit in.

I found one on eBay that was for sale at £30 or best offer. I decided to go in with a cheeky £20 offer – and they accepted!

The bureau was in dire need of some TLC. It had one handle off (this was in the drawer) and there was no longer a lock on the top. This means I have to use a screwdriver to open it, which isn’t too much of a pain. I may look at replacing the lock at some point.

Anyway – on to the upcycling!

I decided to go with a white outside and something funkier on the inside, so chose a NEON PINK!

I started by sanding the unit down, not too much, just enough to get the surface off. I then covered the unit with its first coat of paint.

I didn’t want a pristine finish, but decided that two coats would be needed. I also took the drawer out and made sure that it was all painted and co-ordinated too.

Once the outside had had two coats (and I did a coat on the inside too before two coats of the neon pink) – I let it all dry before finishing it off with some wax.

And here it is (click on an image to enlarge):


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  1. May 17, 2016 / 9:35 pm

    I love the pink! That looks fantastic! Well done!
    I have been fancying a bureau. I haven’t found any local to me on Ebay yet!