Using Mailchimp Series: Subscription

Once you have set up your lists in Mailchimp, you can now add a subscription or signup box to your website.

There are two ways of doing this. One is to manually create a signup box and then copy the code in to your website or, if you are a self-hosted Wordpress website, you can install a plugin and add it to your widgets in the sidebar.

This post will take you through both ways of adding your subscription box to your blog or website.

Creating a subscription box in Mailchimp

There are several ways that you can add a subscription box to your blog or website – I will show you both ways, so you can choose which you would prefer – and of course depending on your blog platform.

Embed a Mailchimp subscription box code

One way to put the subscription box on to your blog or website is by embedding the code in to your sidebar widget area. To do this you need to log in to your Mailchimp account, go to your Lists, select which list you want people to be added to when they subscribe and then go to:

Stats > Signup Forms



You then need to select Embedded Forms.



You can now create how your subscription form looks. You can choose either Classic, Super Slim, Naked or Advanced forms. Personally, I would stick to classic if you would like to capture the subscribers first name. If not, and just an email address will suffice, then the Super Slim option is good.

It is then a case of just filling out the form options, previewing your subscription form and once you are happy, you can copy and paste the embedded form code in to the widgets area of your blog by using the HTML widget and pasting the code inside.



Install a Mailchimp plugin

An easier way to add a subscription box to your WordPress blog or website is by using the Mailchimp form integrations section and install the Mailchimp plugin.




Installing the WordPress plugin is fairly simple. Within your WordPress dashboard go to:

Plugins > Add New > Search ‘Mailchimp’ > Select the Mailchimp List Subscribe Form plugin > Install 



Once you have done this, go to your widgets area (Appearance > Widgets), find the Mailchimp Widget box…..



simply drag and drop this widget box in to the area you want it to be placed in your sidebar. Once you have done that, within the widget, click on the ‘over here‘ link…..



This should then take you direct to the plugin within your WordPress. Here, you can connect to your Mailchimp account


Once you have connected to your account, select the list that you would like subscribers to be added to.


Then you simply add in your required text…


click ‘Update Subscribe Form Settings‘ and you’re done! The subscription box is now added to your blog or website!




  1. June 29, 2014 / 8:36 am

    Rachel loving your series, so helpful. I have done all this but still having troubles. I have a few questions about making it customize looking as well. Will you be doing a series on how to make it personalise, sending out campaigns and monthly/weekly newsletters etc. I have so much to learn. Basically I have it on my sidebar but I used my own email to test it I don’t get confirmation emails or emails when I have put a new post out and when I just my mailchimp list no new subscribers have been added and I keep getting emails from mailchimp saying I haven’t sent any campaigns yet. Do you know maybe how to fix this? If not, no worries. Wasn’t sure what your next post was on but mine seems to be all messed up! lol

    • June 29, 2014 / 4:23 pm

      The next article will be about setting up a campaign. Mailchimp isn’t like the automatic WordPress subscription and doesn’t automatically send out every post as an email – you have to physically create the campaign and send it. Mailchimp is great if you are planning on just doing a weekly newsletter (like I do) or a monthly one etc. If you want every single post to go to your subscribers inboxes automatically, then I wouldn’t use it. xx