Walkers Mighty Lights

Walkers Mighty Lights – a Review

We love snacks in this family – sometimes a little too much!

I’m really trying to eat healthily at the moment, as is hubby, and so we are cutting back on the snacks we do buy and swapping to a healthier option where possible.

Crisps are our downfall (as is chocolate, biscuits and cake), so I tend to buy these only occasionally, and normally only small packets for children’s lunch boxes, otherwise they’ll just all get eaten in 5 minutes.

A few weeks ago we were sent some of Walkers new Mighty Lights crisps to try out.


Walkers Mighty Lights are ridged crisps that are 30% less fat than standard Walkers – so are great as the healthy option, and good for popping in your kids lunch boxes. Available in 3 tasty flavours – roast chicken, cheese and onion and lightly salted – Walkers Mighty Lights are suitable for vegetarians, are made from real potatoes, have no artificial colours or preservatives, have no MPG and are a source of fibre.

We received a 6 pack of each flavour and the children immediately set their taste buds to work, as did both hubby and I.

After trying all the flavours, it was pretty much a unanimous vote that the Roast Chicken flavour were our favourite.

Being ridged – although the ridges aren’t as deep as some ridged crisps. They’re more like little waves, according to Prancer – we found that each flavour held its own and were more flavoursome than other healthy crisps, but still lacked that fuller flavour.

The Roast Chicken were the ones that had the most flavour, in our opinion, and they tasted the best. The Cheese and Onion came in a close second, however they tasted more cheese than cheese and onion, which wasn’t such a bad thing, especially as it wasn’t an overly strong flavour. The Lightly Salted we’re the least favourite. They were so lightly salted that you couldn’t really taste anything and tasted rather bland.

The crisps are being marketed as a healthy crisp which is good for your child’s packed lunch box. I know that there are a lot of parents who don’t agree with crisps or such snacks going in to a child’s lunch box, so the 30% less fat definitely makes them a more attractive option, should you want to put that little treat in occasionally.

To me, the packaging doesn’t scream at me – Children’s lunchbox – which isn’t a bad thing as it means that I would choose them as a snack for us as a family and not just to put in the children’s lunch boxes. It also means that the kids won’t nag parents for the snacks based purely on the packaging.

Overall, we did enjoy these crisps. They are a good healthier alternative to your standard crisps. They do compromise the flavour slightly to reduce the fat, but then you expect that with a “lighter” option. The ridges do help to preserve the flavour they do have and each 25g bag is just enough in quantity to fill a small hole and not leave you wanting more. I would probably choose the Roast Chicken flavour again and occasionally pop them in the kids lunch boxes as a great.

*Disclaimer – we received the crisps free for this review, and compensation received.