Review: Warner Bros. Films on Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet Warner Bros. Films


If you love movies and love your gadgets, then you’ll love Ultra Violet.

Ultra Violet, or UV, enable you to future proof your film collection. We’ve all been there when the kids have got hold of one of the DVD’s and scratched it by shoving it in the DVD player upside down, or when the Toddler plays the “how many DVD’s can I pull out in 5 seconds” game, but with UV you are still able to watch the film over and over again. How? I hear you ask, simples…. You access the digital copy of the film with or without internet connection with the option of being able to download the films or stream them straight to your preferred device, whether it be your internet enabled TV, computer, laptop or handheld device like a smart phone or tablet. This means that you can literally watch your film anywhere you want!

We were sent some Looney Tunes UV DVD’s from Warner Bros. to review. Now, I LOVE Looney Tunes (yes, ok I know I’m too old for them, but hey! who doesn’t love the classic cartoons eh!), but what I love even more is that I can watch them wherever I am.

We’re very in to our gadgets here as a family and as we are avid lovers of movies and have a vast DVD collection, so UV is perfect for us.

You can buy a hard copy UV film which comes with its own Unique UltraViolet code that you input in to your UltraViolet account and that’s it! The film is readily available for you to watch on several different devices. You can also add up to 5 members to one account, so if your hubby and kids want access to the films they can….but don’t worry, there are parental controls that you can set up too!

Another plus side to UltraViolet, is that you don’t have to purchase a physical copy of the your favourite movie or television programme on DVD or Blue-ray. You can purchase a UV copy online and add it to your UV account where you can stream and download additional copies. UV is basically like a cloud-based back-up that is built in to each movie or TV show in your collection. There is also no limit on how big your collection can grow!

UltraViolet is great for watching films on the go, or for the kids on car/train/plane journey’s to keep the boredom at bay! What more could you ask for?

*Disclaimer – We were sent Looney Tunes Ultra Violet DVDs to review for this post. However, this did not affect our opinions on UV.


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  1. August 17, 2012 / 10:16 am

    Sounds really clever!! x