Warner Bros Studio Tour

Warner Bros Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter

A Review

We love the Harry Potter films. I’ve never read the books, but we have seen every single film – and own the Boxset!

I wouldn’t say that we are “super fans”, but it was a little sad when the films came to an end and it was announced that there would be no more Harry Potter.

Until they opened the Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter.

I promised the children that we would go and see it one day, but we never really got the time to go.

I was then asked if we would like to go to the tour and review it and of course I said yes! Who doesn’t want to go and see the sets of Harry Potter?

Warner Bros Studio Tour

Unfortunately, the day we visited Paul and Kyla were poorly, so they stayed at home. Instead my father-in-law came with me and the other 3 to tour with us.

The studios were really easy to locate off of the M25 and have ample parking. We arrived at 12:10pm for our 12:30pm tour, as it is recommended to arrive 20 minutes before your tour time.

Inside the Studios

Warner Bros Studio Tour The Social Media addict in me LOVED the fact that there was free WiFi inside! This meant that I could tweet and Instagram pictures on my way round. We queued up awaiting our turn to go in to the Tour. The children were given little passports and instructed that there were stamps scattered around that you needed to collect in the book, as well as a few other little things to watch out for.

The entrance is a vast space, you can grab a coffee, visit the gift shop (which you do go through at the end of the tour also), use the toilets and you can also see the start of your Harry Potter tour with the flying Ford Anglia hanging from the ceiling, and pictures of the cast on the walls. As you are queuing, you can see the cupboard under the stairs which was Harry’s bedroom in the first film.

Once you have queued, which isn’t very long at all, you are taken to a room and are shown information about Harry Potter became one of best loved films around the world. When that is over, you are taken to a cinema room. You are shown a short film where ‘Harry’, ‘Hermione’ and ‘Ron’ tell you about what it was truly like growing up on the set of Harry Potter films.

Warner Bros Studio Tour 3 The Tour then truly started. You are led through to the Great Hall. The tables are all set out, the costumes of the different houses are all on display, as are the teachers. It is an amazing set. So much detail has gone in to creating it.

As you pass through the Great Hall you enter a vast space with so many different sets in. There is so much to see from Gryffindors Boys Dorm, The Common Room, Dumbledor’s Office, The Potions Classroom, Hagrid’s Hut, The Burrow, the Ministry of Magic Office and tonnes more! It’s amazing to see the amount of detail that went in to every single stage, set and prop. Warner Bros Studio Tour

There is also an area where you can have a go at riding a broomstick, or flying in the Ford Anglia! I won’t reveal the secrets for those who have not been – but I promise you – you will never look at a game of Quidditch with the same eyes again! Warner Bros Studio Tour

Warner Bros Studio Tour  Once you have done the first part of the indoors tour, you go outside where you can see the house on Privet Drive where Harry first lived, the Knight Bus, Hogwarts Bridge and a few other outdoor sets and vehicles from the film.

You can even grab yourself some REAL Butterbeer!! There is also a chance to have some food, but prices were a little steep if there are quite a few of you to buy for – so I would definitely recommend taking your own food.


The tour then continues through another building – which was probably my most favourite part.

You get to see all the handmade models, the designs of how they came to be in the Creature shop.

Warner Bros Studio Tour You also get to walk down Diagon Alley. The street is all cobbles and you can see all the shop fronts from the film – including Olivanders!


Once you have walked down Diagon Alley you are met with the most A-mazingly creative and spectacular part of all the Harry Potter films. Hogwarts Castle! You get to see how it was made, the sketches, the models, and then you go through to the castle itself. This really surprised me to how small it actually is, but how much details there is on it. It really is amazing to see! Warner Bros Studio Tour


If you are a Harry Potter fan – or to be honest, even you’re not – The Warner Bros. Studio Tour of the Making of Harry Potter truly is a must visit place! So much work went in to the sets. The actors and actresses always get the credits for the films – but really, the people who made it happen are just as amazing – take a trip and see for yourselves! You won’t be disappointed!!



*Disclaimer – we were invited on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter for free, and the children received some Harry Potter goodies. This is no way effected what I thought of the Tour, and all opinions are of our own.