Week 22

So yesterday saw me reach the 22 week milestone. Another 2 weeks and baby will be classed as viable should he decide to put in a very early appearance.

I’m feeling really well within myself. My energy levels have their moments and I tend to have days where I’ve got tonnes of energy, then days where I’m constantly tired. My iron levels drop when I’m pregnant so I think I’m probably in need of some iron tablets.

So far I’ve not gained any weight. I’ve gone off chocolate which isn’t too bad I guess. My midwife doesn’t seem concerned, but I need to make sure my weight doesn’t drop. I try to eat healthily and snack when I can, but having an active 19month old and two older children to run after I’m not surprised the weight isn’t sticking on.

Baby is doing great. At our 21week scan last week it showed he was growing as he should and weighs approximately 15oz at the moment. He is currently in the breech position and likes to put his head under my ribs and kick me in the groin. As I’m having an elective c-section I’m not concerned if he doesn’t turn.

It’s a great relief to us that the placenta is in the posterior position (at the back) and not low lying, so this pregnancy should go smoothly.

I’m planning on doing a weekly update on the pregnancy and post pictures of my growing bump. I’m so excited to share this journey with you!!