Week 31

Not much really to report here. Everything is going well and no issues. I have another Consultant appointment on Wednesday morning along with a reassurance scan. I’m convinced that I am a week further on that I was originally dated at 12wks. I’m hoping that I get to see baby again and planning to ask if they too think my dates could be out. I just really do not think I can manage until 39 weeks. I am feeling really uncomfortable now.

My blood test results from my last Midwife appointment has come back that I am slightly anaemic, so I need to start taking iron to get that up. It would explain my constant tiredness too (well, that and having 3 kids home all day!).

I’ve gained 1lb this week, so my total weight gain is back up to 5lbs!!

According to my phone app, this week baby is heading in to a growth spurt…so looks like I am about to get even bigger!! At the moment he is around 41cm long and weighs around 1.5kg.

Any tips on how to make this time go a bit faster??